Saturday, April 26, 2008

Folky Funk: SOLD!

This is the last of my tie-dyed picnic blanket. It's been dressed up with pockets off of a turquoise apron, and pockets from a splashy floral apron in vivid shades of pink, blue, yellow, and green. (seven pockets in total!)
She's got all my favourite stuff on her- turqoise, floral 70's sheets, velvet, funky camper curtain fabric and serious durability to boot.
You can't wear this bag without getting happy.
$25.00 for Darfur.
Paypal accepted.


Unknown said...

I claim FOLKY FUNK! Please please please. Jennie C. (Leah's sister)

P.S. I had dinner with Roselle last night and she was showing off her cute little purse she made. You are a talented family.

joyce said...

What a great bag.

I'm so happy that you chose folky funk. It's such a bright, enthusiastic piece. And yes, I will set her aside for you. do you want to go through paypal? or you can send a cheque.

Unknown said...

I'll email you.