Saturday, April 26, 2008

Grunthal Meets St Pierre: SOLD!

The blue floral upholstery fabric was rescued from the Grunthal thrift store. It looks like someone was trying to recover chairs and finally gave up, so now YOU get to wear it on your shoulder instead! I dressed up the humble blue floral with some gold and turqoise velvet that I found in the more worldly community of St Pierre. They seem to be getting along remarkably well.

*The buttons are from my tiny stash of baubles.*
They are layered and really add a fun element.

Inside you will find a large pocket, and two medium sized pockets.

Get it while the Mennonites and Catholics are still in harmony.*

paypal accepted.

$25.00 for Darfur.


Crystal said...

Oh my word, Joyce! I just noticed the inside fabric on this one (the yellow floral print)...was that a pillowcase or sheet? I swear my parent's had a sheet set in that print in yellow and one in blue. Flashback!

joyce said...

woo hoo! I actually found that pattern in YELLOW AND BLUE at the thrift shop. It had a funky little sticker on it that said "Cilia's Brand New!" and is in the perfect shape for sewing into a pillow case. So, this fabric never even got used as a pillowcase first, but it should have been. Some worldly, spendthrift wanna-be sewer never got around to finishing that project.

Good eye on ya!