Sunday, May 25, 2008

Patti's Puppies: SOLD, of Patti.

This bag is aptly named for my friend Patti who lovingly cares for a team of sled dogs that drag them around in the winter time. Our old cat Betty lives with Patti and the "puppies" as well, so I have a particular love for the Unrau funny farm.

Anyone can put bids on this bag, but I've got to tell you that if Patti wants it and offers one small dollar more than any of you.... Well,... that's gonna have a lot of clout with me.

Cell phone/key pocket on the side; one medium, one small, and one large pocket on the inside.

Mush, mush.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh Joyce On such a fitting day as this I find this bag in your collection. I have rescued one of my chickens four times, from the three new sled dog pups however they found a straggler that I didn't get fenced into safety. The yard is a mess with chewed socks, bones, and one book (never leave your book outside unattended) What a fitting day.
If you still have the bag I would definately buy it? How's $25?
Still smiling, Patti