Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sooooooooooooooo Not Gonna Happen.

(Saturday, May 24 in the wee, weeeeeeeeee hours of the morning.)
I find myself at 3:00 am uploading pictures, rubbing my eyeballs, and counting the hours to 9:00 am. When the crazy husband turns out the lights ahead of me on the weekend and heads up to bed, even I know when to call it a day.
Let's just move this circus up 24 hours, shall we? Sunday morning. That's when the bags are going to be up for publishing.
good night.

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Anonymous said...

This one has ORANGE on it. I absolutely love it -- but then I absolutely love the blue one as well. If I bought all the ones I loved I'd have many many many by now. Joyce, how did you get so amazing, my dear sister????? Although I know you've always been's just always showing up in different ways. Marshkies