Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Technical Difficulties

When you arise from your slumber, you will not find a bag here. I left my camera at camp with the kid, and got my friend to come over with her camera late this evening when I realised the error of my ways. She was good enough to bring the camera, but it was sans a memory card....
It is late, and I am tired. If I get it together tomorrow before too late, there will still be a bag. Sorry Tanya. I always look forward to your early morning comments.

Go to bed. That's what I'm going to do.


Anonymous said...

opCongratulations on your remarkable achievement Joyce... nearly $6000 of life saving support for Darfur! You single handedly transformed mountains of material with millions of stitches, bags of buttons & miles of thread! Your talent & thrift lovingly repurposed into aid that is saving multitudes. Truly a time to REJOICE!!
Many Thanks
Judy A.
P.S.-Maybe technical difficulties
are heaven sent to provide a well deserved rest for a weary philanthropist.

tanya said...

I had hoped that the time you had technical difficulties would be when I had the highest bid on a bag, and that the difficulties would prevent someone else from beating my bid. But considering how many days you are up early posting what you must stay up late at night making, I agree with Judy A., and enjoy the rest.

Anonymous said...

I am certain you could sleep the sleep of the just ... I just hope you get a chance to ... Fantastic effort and here, here to Judy
... from Oz

Anonymous said...

Ditto from me too!
Although I had the perfect morning, everyone sleeping in and the whole house to myself. NO "Mommy get me this or Honey where is that".
But you definitely deserve a day of rest and I look forward to seeing you and your new bag on the blog tomorrow!

CarlaG ;)

Anonymous said...

No comments or bids on the new bag yet? I am surprised ladies!

And Joyce where do we post our bids? This bag does not seem to have a title to bid under such as the last "Newbie Truesdays"?