Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yanni's Button Spray

I have a confession to make.
Someone asked me some weeks back if I wasn't tempted to keep all these bags? Use a different bag every day of the year? Were they not like small offspring that ought to be kept around, cluttering up the house? And I said no, that I was much happier imagining them walking around out there, living lives of their very own.

Well, here's the bag that I feel just a teeny tiny bit differently about. I really like this bag.

Contributers to Yanni's Button Spray are: Niverville MCC store; Morris MCC store; Steinbach MCC store (via my tasteful friend Gloria), and buttons from all corners of living. They just sort of follow me home, and I've stopped asking if I can keep them.

There's a discrepency between this bag's title and its label. The cattle look so darn good on that orange and brown heavy duty upholstery, and that's one of the reasons the label sits there. The other reason is that all those flirty but dependable buttons got sewn on during the last few hours of my daughter's 14th birthday party. Her friends were packed in here like cattle, and we still had miles to go before nightfall. Night had already fallen, but that was clearly beside the point. My sister, the wonder auntie, volunteered to do manicures on a mere nine young ladies and the time it polished off pushed this mama well into "pumpkin zone". But I felt that a decent mother would not retire to bed with a houseful of budding young beauties with no places to lay their heads. So, while they buffed, I knotted. (not nodded; which is what I would have liked to do.)

Such lovely young girls. They came and watched and asked interested questions and said encouraging words. Like: Wake up Joyce! You're about to imbed needle #3 into your fingers!
well, no, that's not it exactly.
Anyone up for an adoption? Think this one through. I have dreams for the sort of life that Yanni's button spray is capable of living. Hopes. And dreams.
Well, folks, One last hurrah for a while. Next week, July 10th is not only said daughter's actual 14th birthday, but it is also the first day of Winnipeg Folk Festival. Wooot, woot! That makes the next week quite short, and quite intensely busy for me. In case more of you are wondering; I am not selling at the FF. I am cooking. hee hee. Handsome man and I are in the le cuisine crew and will be backstage with a hundred billion close friends making grub for the performers and volunteers.
There will be no bags posted for sale from July 5 until July 13. On Monday, July 14, the bags will again be posted daily.

Again, 6 pm cst closing.


tanya said...

Love it! $35

Anonymous said...

Joyce, I have loved every one of your bags, but this is my all time fave! She's a beauty.
Have a great time at FF.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this beauty, Joyce. Buttons, Buttons, Buttons ... What's not to love! $40.00 from me, to you and then to Darfur. Penny :-)

Anonymous said...


Have fun at the Festival!!!!!


Anonymous said...

$50 - I'm back...

Anonymous said...


I'm cleaning the basement and just found a box of buttons/treasures. I'll save them for you!


Anonymous said...

This bag made my day a bit happier. You're in inspiration.

Anonymous said...

you're "an" inspiration

esther said...

oh my this is a beauty too...$53
you can never have too many bags :)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

i love it! i missed my daily bag fix while on vacation. this one's beautiful! 55$

Anonymous said...



mmichele said...


Penny said...

Buttons, Buttons and Buttons ... LOve Them! From me ... $78.00 to Joyce to Darfur ... I'll miss you next week ... hope the FF fills your Heart with Happiness. Penny :-)

Anonymous said...


joyce said...

ok bonnie. Send me an e-mail at
This time I won't make any assumptions about which bonnie I think it is...... And send a e-mail to the wrong person entirely!

Anonymous said...

Darling job, Joyce. I might have to steal the button spray idea.
Absolutley lovely.
~ Zaza's Mama

Lynn said...

How did I miss that one!!! and it went for 80??? Cinderella