Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Fabric origins: Doctor meets teacher meets Morris meets my mother meets fave-thrift-shop-in-Brandon meets St Adolphe meets Tanzania. Oh, we've got serious communion happening here already.That yellow pocket there is an ancient tablecloth from my mother. It rests against a second tablecloth that I found at St Pierre thrift shop for a whole dollar. The other side is that green quilt that I've waxed on and on about; its from Brandon thrift. And holding them together is a funky camper fabric from St Adolphe. Oh- I really get around... I am quite the jet setter.

The elephant and the fabric above it is from our local doc who I believe got it in South Africa. The green squares are from Barundi, and the lower piece comes from Tanzania.

The sturdy body of upholstery comes from my silent partner in Morris. She is sweet. I spoke to her on the phone the other day and she just drips honey and encouragement. I like her.
The reverse of the flap is from some high end fabric manufacturer, thanks to our fabric rep donation.

And I mustn't neglect that orangey browny pocket across from my mother's tablecloth. That's from Ruth. She has a great eye for yum-yum colour.
Is it scarey that I couldn't remember a medical test that one of my kids had only a year ago, but I can remember where each and every piece of this bag came from?! I think that's kinda scarey.
Thursday today. Same basic routine as ever, things are going swimmingly well over at the Darfur blog lately. Thanks for all your support, and I really mean that. All of it. The comments, the insights, the donations, the encouragements, the feedback. At this speed, I'm going to have as many friends as I have pieces of fabric. And there just might be a law against that sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

Love this bag!
To start the bidding - $40.00


JessieJane said...

Someone at work sent me this link and everyday I come to see what the new creation is for the day. They are beautiful and inspiring, I hope to own one!

I bid $60

joyce said...

Oh, I love to hear how people get here. Welcome.

MK I have been wracking my brain on what your initials stand for. Care to send me an e-mail and let me know if I know you in the real world?

Crystal said...

Joyce, this one is a beaut!

Linda said...


Gwenda said...

This is an other wonderful creation. $70.00 Gwenda

JessieJane said...

I am bidding $80.00

Gwenda said...

I will bid $90.00

JessieJane said...

I bid $100.

joyce said...

yay, Jessiejane!
e-mail me at for shipping details.