Wednesday, August 13, 2008


re·demp·tion [ ri démpsh'n ]
1. improving of something: the act of saving something or somebody from a declined, dilapidated, or corrupted state and restoring it, him, or her to a better condition.

Another fully integrated bag. Ancient green upholstery from Morris meets brown plush woven in Switzerland meets Tanzania meets London, England meets lady down the street. And I'm not making this up.

Green upholstery: donated to Morris thrift shop. Bagged with other upholstery pieces by a lovely woman I've not yet met. Delivered to her daughter who works with my husband. Brought home to me. (good, good, good.)
Soft brown stuff: More of that high end fabric that I salivated about on yesterday's (THOUSAND DOLLAR) bag.
Strap: that piece from Tanzania is getting us a number of shoulder straps! Looks so good with brown and green.
London: See the piece under the flap? All the way from England. My blogger friend Lettuce sent it to me. She didn't have to do that. But some people are just like that, and don't it make your heart swell?
Inside pockets; compliments of Ruthie's mom who lives down the street from me. She brought me a bag of clothes that she had discovered in her garage. The black pocket is from a pair of pants and the floral piece is a 70's blouse. Those little green bits are actually strawberries, and the top border of that pocket makes me think of my friend Svea who has a bag made of that fabric.
Getting a picture of why something as innanimate as a homemade bag can be about redemption? Just ask my friend Karla-with-a-"k". She taught me a beautiful sermon last night about the way God redeems things, people, projects... just to mention a few things. People, with all their complications and flaws, do such kind and selfless things.
Wednesday today. I woke up before my alarm clock which is creepy and weird. Still, time has already grown wings and the day is well on its way towards full-tilt.
As ever, the auction runs until 6 pm tonight. I love watching who comes here.
If you are here for the first time, and you are interested in owning this bag; just leave a dollar amount in the comment section. If you just want to comment, I'd love that too.


Melodie Ramos said...

I love this bag: My Grandma has dining room chairs upholstered in that green!

shaunak said...

Pretty, pretty.

svea said...

Ooooooo I really like this one, and with that delicious green strip on the inside calling out to be reunited with it's cousin, I must bid on this messenger bag, beautifully crafted Joyce, you do create art. we are off to the cottage this morn, so I won't be online to see this one through, but i am sending hugs across town on this sunny morning.

Anonymous said...

I love this bag...beautiful and creative!!!!
i bid $50.00


Anonymous said...

Okay, it's time for me to get with the program here..... This gorgeous bag looks like it could enjoy life with me, and I with it...... I bid $55.

Julie U.

Anonymous said...

As much as I would NEVER want to challange the beauty of this bag from another person I do believe the pricng game will only serve to benift others. I will increase my bid, but I will also keep in touch with the project and allow the RIGHT bag to grace my shoulder.
i bid $60.00.

joyce said...

Aynsley; the bidding game is definitely advantageous to the refugee camps. There is no negative issue with increasing your bids, especially when/if a bag is "calling your name". (if I understand you correctly) It is difficult to nail down "blogger etiquette" if there is such a thing. Especially in the context of an auction format. I think that common sense prevails. I hope I've not just confused a whole bunch of people... I appreciate what I sense is your kind, thoughtful approach here.

Anonymous said...

Okay, my daughters are now on a quest, and after a quick lesson as to the cause, are willing to start opening the piggy banks...... We bid $65.

Julie U. and girls

Anonymous said...

I love this artful bag and I would love to have it grace my shoulder, but KIDS warm my heart. i am thrilled and pleased that a lesson has been shared about giving, ....I give to you "three ladies" the last bid...unless another bidder has fun and enters the game.

Enjoy and see you on line again

Gwenda said...

what a wonderful creation and for a great cause! $70.00 Gwenda

Dixie Vandersluys said...

Hi, I've been checking this blog out for several weeks now, waiting for the "perfect" bag for me.

Yesterday we had the funeral for my granny. She was possibly the most important person in my life, and I got to spend all of my 29 years of life in the same city as her -- with her babysitting me before I went to kindergarten. She came to the hospital after the birth of my three children and was there when they were each dedicated to God.

2.5 weeks ago my granny had a massive stroke, from which we were told she would not recover. But the next morning she was talking, reading, hugging and kissing us all. We had 4 good days with her. And a lot of family came and could say their "I love you"s and "good-byes". Then last week she started failing. I hurried to the hospital when my mom told me that granny was having a lot of trouble breathing. I got there just in time. Five minutes later, as she was holding my hand, she closed her eyes and died. It was such an honour to be there. And I just laid my head on her shoulder, still holding her hand, and cried.

Yesterday was also my husband's and my 8th anniversary. The funeral happened in the same church where we were married. And I sang at the service, even though I usually cannot even speak when I am emotional. "O Love That Will Not Let Me Go."

Then I woke up this morning and saw this bag. I loved the fabric (and it even reminded me of my grandparents!). And then I saw the title: Redemption, and the definition: "the act of saving something or somebody from a declined, dilapidated, or corrupted state and restoring it, him, or her to a better condition."

And now granny is restored.

I'd like to bid $86. Granny was 86.

Anonymous said...

wow! I've never had tears over a bid before! Lovely, Dixie! Made me think of and miss MY Granny.....:-)


joyce said...

So much to say. So much that a post may follow. I am really liking the respect and sense of support that I am feeling here in the past few days. Talk about redemption.

Anonymous said...

Well, crap I was going to bid but how do you outbid that.

joyce said...

yeah... I thought it would go that way! Kind of hard to focus on an "auction" when you've got real life, real people, real honesty, and real redemption right there in black and white.

Well, what I'd love to say is that I actually have four of these exact bags. Wouldn't that be fun? but Morris, London, Niverville, and world-wide-fabric guy didn't exactly send meters of identical stuff. which is just the way we love it- Originality.

Dixie; it is an absolute pleasure to "meet" you and hear about how redemption impacted your life.

sort of miraculous the way people can come together; isn't it?

E-mail me at
The inbox is shared with the husband, so don't let the name "Brian" spook you. We'll chat about shipping.

Loretta said...

What a day yesterday, what a day today! I'm still trying to figure out how to sign in on this site.
Beautiful bags, Joyce, you must feel really great today, I do.

Karla said...

Oh, this is the best moment.... Dixie, I've commented on your blog before and so we kind of "know each other".... I'm the Karla that Joyce refers to in the blog entry for today's bag. I've been reading about your granny on your blog, and admired your extended family pic today. This is too good for words.

Redemption indeed.

Roo said...

oh wow! redemption indeed.
and i feel like i got a little piece of it too. my bag has some of the same pretty fabric as this one. (the amazing green swirly one) :)