Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Very Fine Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahg

Something really extraordinary and special today. Recently I received a donation of a different sort entirely. A wooly brown lamb; sent express post. Well.... Not exactly.

This bag was donated to the Darfur fundraiser by a wonderful fiber artist who raises her own sheep and llamas. She has been a felt maker for 11 years.
She raises sheep and uses their wool to make felted fabric. The coloured squares are dyed silk hankies that have been felted onto naturally coloured brown sheeps fleece. Her very own sheep.

Inside are two pockets appropriately sized for keys, eye glasses or cell phone. The bag itself measures about twelve inches across; with 2.5 inch side panels. The strap is reinforced with cotton so that it won't stretch and is attached to the outside so that it can be easily shortened.

This is a wonderful bag from a generous soul. And think of its hidden benefits- If you are caught out in a thunderstorm; I bet the natural oils in that wool would keep one's hair beautifully coifed when your wallet and cell phone were ditched and that bag turned into a snappy bandana.

hmmmm. Something to think about.
I'd like to start the bids at $45.00 myself; but I'd be happy to see you show up in my comments with any thoughts about the bag, the artist, and of course, your numerical figure.

Until 8 pm, cst, then.


Anonymous said...

A very fine baaaaaaaaaaaaaaag! I was however quite shocked to see a "different" kind of bag up this morning.



tanya said...

Not Baaad, not Baaaaad at all. $55

Anonymous said...

okay... I only go the baaaaaaaaag part when I read "not baaaaad" comment. Didn't get the bleating sheep innuendos. Coffee needs to kick in :)

A beautiful piece of art!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. How sturdy is it? I've just started working with felt myself. I've only progressed as far as turning 100% wool sweaters from the Sally Ann into felt, utilizing the magic of my washer and dryer. Not quite the same thing as raising one's own sheep.

joyce said...

oh, but very much like raising second-hand sheep! My jealousy pheromones are rising. I want to see your felted wool- I love that stuff but I am not much good at pushing myself to learn new stuff. It's on my back burner, along with broken china mosaics, natural grass wreaths, and tin ornaments.


I'll live vicariously, I guess.

Beate said...

Oh... I love this bag!!!!!!! I SO wish that I lived in Canada and that I was not so affected by the time difference between Canada and Norway... I'm tempted to say with my 3 year old friend, Filip: "It's not fair"...:)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

wow, I love this bag. Something I have always wanted to try doing is felting. Very beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed! I have met the woman who donated and have been to the Wool Mine. The process she goes through to make this fabulous felt is quite a tedious one. She also dies the wool herself before she turns it into felt. This bag in her Wool Mine store is worth a fair amount. I have felt them myself and they are very sturdy. Whomever gets this bag will love it I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful bag....from a beautiful person...for a wonderful project!!


joyce said...

zewom- the bag is yours for $65. It's a grand bag, and you shall love it.

anonymous- the bids unfortunately close at 8 pm, central standard time.