Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yeah.... About That Whole Bag Thing.......

I had these bags to fill.
But first I had to go out and fill up these bags with stuff to take home and fill up those bags with.

And these bag-ettes had to be taken in for haircuts.
It was only upon arriving at home with the bags to fill up the other bags, and my little bag-ettes in tow, that enroute to working on Wednesday's darfur bag; I noticed this bag still hanging around waiting to get unpacked from our weekend at the lake. It must have gotten lost in the shuffle of the bags and bags of laundry still to get washed, dried, folded, and tucked away.
So, that brings us to Wednesday's bag.
Well, Wednesday's bits of bags. And I am bagged.

We'll be going through until Friday this week, so forgive me for Monday and Wednesday. This bag will never go from bits to bag between 11:00 pm Tuesday night ad 6:00 am Wednesday morning. There are little people arriving tomorrow and they deserve an upright caregiver.

Bits 'o Bag. That's all I can offer for now. Or call it a sneak preview for Thursday. But you could still leave me a comment and we could have a virtual WA-HOO THEKIDSHAVEFINALLYGONETOSCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celebretory event.


Anonymous said...

Once again you put sunshine in my day with your inspiring dedication to hard work, be it for family, friends or Darfur. I thought I had a busy week until I came to visit your blog today & checked out yours. Humour really does make the wheels go around ! Love your bags always, love your writing even more!
Judy A.

Karla said...

I'm feelin' the virtual wahoo.

Roo said...

at least your bag-ettes have nice hair.

Gwenda said...

Life is all about "bags". My grand daughter had a new "bag" to start Grade 1 in a new school today. Her mom, my daughter, is expecting baby #2 any day now so she'll need a new diaper "bag"!

Anonymous said...

I feel so guilty for saying WAHOO when the kids go back to school. I'm suppose to enjoy having them around, right? But I was so excited I was practically swinging from the rafters of IHOP where my hubby and I went to celebrate.