Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Always Satisfied

yay! Another "binder size" messenger bag with some of them yummy neckties.

Need some warm fuzzies? She's purdy furry and soft. I remember when I was around ten years old, my mom sewed me a Sunday coat in that kind of fabric. I loved that coat.

It's sort of odd how all those patterns and colours can go together. But they do, honest.
Two shirts and Loretta's skirt form the inside. Wonder who this Loretta is? She's a blog reader who lives considerably north of us. She sent a giant box of clothes and things that she's been caring for since..... the '60's? (correct me if I'm wrong). There were some pretty awesome outfits in the lot. My daughters have looked pretty smashing in some of those darling bits.

Well, I hope you're not tired of the necktie theme yet. I feel like I'm just starting on that one myself. And the handbag idea- honest; I'll get to that. And the other bag style. Yup, the second set of arms is in the mail, they tell me.
(Sometimes when five or six children ask me for water AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME WITH DOGGED REPETITIVENESS; I ask them if I've turned into an octopus yet. Do they see eight arms? Because at last count, I only had two.)
Somebody needs some sunshine, or a weekend, or an intervention, or a deliverence of some sort....
How about a bag?! 8 pm, cst. And pretty soon we're going back to standard time, which will make it fun all over again.


Anonymous said...

I NEED this. Stop torturing me with the neck ties. I love them. $45.


Anonymous said...

I love this purse!!!$50


Crystal said...

I love the neckties!!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the neckties, I'm in for $60.

Anonymous said...

I MUST have this!!


Becky said...

Joyce, this bag is classic. J'adore! By the way, I love your new reminds me of a barbie we used to play with at my Grandma's house:)

tanya said...

How you can figure out how to put so many patterns together without it looking tacky baffles me.

Anonymous said...

Love it! $67

joyce said...

yay, Anna!

joyce said...

my sister had a really ugly barbie as well that we named "miss co-ed" for some unknown reason. Isn't it nice to see an ugly barbie? I think she should be marketed.

well, thanks Tanya.
It has something to do with colour and pattern but if you asked me to explain it, I may as well just stick my finger up my nose and say "Duh....."

My eyes know.
My tinker don't know.