Monday, October 13, 2008


Ya know what? when a few cheques come in this week, we will have surpassed the
$10,000 mark.

And I am taking a few days to think, evaluate, and get to some other stuff that needs getting at.
Maybe even do a post or two about bags in the real world.
And about Darfur and refugee camps. That's what this is about, remember? I almost forget sometimes.
And that's one of the reasons that I need a little time to think, pray, evaluate.
Indulge in some omphaloskepsis*
Maybe even refresh.

Thanks so much for being a huge part of this relief effort. I don't for a second think of this as something that I have done. It takes a village and then some.

I'll see you this week right here, and over at Blunderview.

*omphaloskepsis = navel-contemplation
Yeah, ya know where I learned that fancy word? At Free Rice. Try it.


mmichele said...

wow. you are amazing.
(and i know you'll say, oh i'm just doing what i can blah blah blah.)

you are amazing.

Roo said...


Anonymous said...

That's really great Joyce. When would you say you started this project?

Anonymous said...

thank you
i have just gotten involved but i feel we are a part of something very important
you are the epitomy of love in action not to mention you're sense of humour and gentle way of keeping your eye on the true prize


joyce said...

Michele- for some reason, I think a compliment from you deserves merit. And I deeply appreciate it.

roo- you are a part of that, you know. You , and your mama.

Simons- I've been thinking about this question today. In earnest, I've been at it mostly in '08. But I know that the first funds I raised were at Christmas 'o6. '08 has been the big push though- about 7,800 of the funds from '08.

hmmmm. fancy. Feeling low on seratonin, and checking my laptop every hour or so today for something to turn my mental tide.
Your comment is appreciated. I think you are right in saying that we are a part of something rather big. And i think that may be something that I want to be more mindful of- I'm not trying to be preachy when I say that this began as a "God thing". It has to carry on in that vein and so I have to find a way to listen amongst all the noise.
The more I read online, the more NEED I am forced to recognize. Child prostitution. Slavery. Poverty. Natural disasters. There has got to be ways to make differences. Draw us together in action, and not in rhetoric.

Maybe that should have been a post?
I need some clarity.

bygeorge! said...

love how, even when you pause, you send tidbits!!
free rice.
been there, struggled/spelled along with H. ... fun with a meaning.
big scale, small scale.
I sometimes think it is not about beating ourselve up about what we are not doing, but being sure that what we do holds water...
I had the most interesting discussion with a young adult. SHe was reluctant to vote b/c one doesn't make a difference...
well, I pitched the power of one. And it was a good reminder.
big and small. It matters.
you 'hold water' and have an ever growing ripple effect.

joyce said...

ah, Lory. so good to hear.
It is true that whether I get to everything that i wish I would or not... there is something being done that does indeed hold water.
Or rice...

And having seen the way you treat the "lesser" in our society with respect, I know that the same is true for what you do. Little things, big ripples.