Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little Squirrelly

Change is as good as a rest. I've still managed to get work done on the stack of stuff that I promised to turn into bags a long, long time ago. And get this pink bag up on the blog.

And meet a new little daycare cutie- I can't wait to squish his cuteliness.

Thanks to guru mama for some of these swirly yummy bits.

There are bonus pockets under the flap of this squirrelly bag.

More pockets on the inside. Lots of pink. Mixed with green, for temperence.

Here's a shot of the strap. its got a fun blend of different fabrics, which looks great on an actual person's shoulder.
So if you are interested in getting a little squirrelly, click on the comment box. Leave me a comment (even if you just want to say "Hi Joyce! I was here! Have fun taking your boy to his appointment today!) Give me your price. If you really want the bag, keep coming back and checking because the highest bid at 8 pm cst will be the owner. Get it? Got it.
the boy needs an EEG. Gotta go.


Melanie said...

Oh, I like that shaggy green stuff on the top. Cute. Hope the appt goes well. See you next week!

Anonymous said...

Ok, for my niece for Christmas ... $45. Love the bags - keep checking for one that I could give to one of my nieces ... this could be the one!

shaunak said...

Oh yeah, Molly would love this one too! I certainly never thought I would bid on TWO pink bags!

Anonymous said...

Lovely bright bag. I thought you were taking a break? MK

Anonymous said...

wow! my daughter would love this bag. $60

Roo said...

out of control!!! totally love it.

Anonymous said...

Very cute, again, Joyce! Love ya, Schwester Mary

joyce said...

hey anonymous- your $60 is good here!
e-mail me at to reveal your identity.

esther said...

hey joyce!!
love the bag, hope the appointment went without a hitch.

love ya

Karen said...

I love the extra pockets. Would make a great diaper bag.