Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prismatic Buttons

View A: Sides 1 & 2.

That's one hefty bag. Wouldn't fit in the "lightweight" category.
If you're sentimental, and you love tapestry, she's the one for you.
View A is a piece of upholstery from my friend Rosa. It is wondrously rich.
I used up every single scrap in this bag, so if you love that piece, get committed to your screen now!
That pretty, purdy flower button is from blogger Heather. She very graciously sent a loverly bag of bits and baubles over here. What a great bunch those blogger people are!
Today's label is, well, a button making kit. Wanna make some buttons? Not me. I prefer it as a label. I'm pretty sure that came from Esther, and I really love the graphics on it. Besides, these days you'd be lucky to get second hand buttons for 40 cents; never mind these fancy schmancy rust-proof do-it-yourself-ers. So, maybe you could bid on the label if you're not too keen on the bag.

View B: Sides 1 & 2.

Then, yup, you just turn that sucker inside out and you've got yourself a brand new look. This one is rich in sentimentality. That amazing sampler was a gift from Rosa as well. She's got good taste. Bordering the sampler on one side, you will see a floral upholstery patchwork (as below). This piece has a story. Long, long ago in an odd little thrift shop downtown Winnipeg, I found the upholstery off of an old couch. It was worn in places, but I bought it, cut it all up into squares, and then pieced it back together to recover an oldish rocker we had at the time. Now those scraps are being turned into a bag. Reminds me of that book "Something From Nothing".

Flanking the other side you'll see a burgandy and green striped bit. I've had that for about 15 years as well. It has served many purposes in our homes, and today it got cut up for a new life as a Darfur bag.
Details are as follows: View B has a pocket on one side that ties closed. View A has one pocket that closes with the flower button. For either view, the bag closes at the top as well.

Piecing this together was a real pleasure. The colours are rich and pleasing, and made me remember happy thoughts.

Bids as usual until 8 pm, cst.


Anonymous said...

Very VERY nice bag. Shouldn't be looking right now...kids will be late for school...

It's a beautiful combination of colors. I bid $45. Great couch too-and it looks pee proof!

esther said...

what a memory you've got,
that was forever ago :)
very pretty bag!

Gwenda said...

Terrific work, $55.00

Crystal said...

Those buttons are FANTASTIC!

bygeorge! said...

Drop dead Gorgeous.
now what do I tell my kids?...
hmm. perhaps they are right - it is a very fine line. wanting so bad, it feels like a need!
facing a weekend of 2 birthday parties movie outings, game rentals and 2 nights of sleepovers.
someone is very lucky!
boler babe

Trevor Esau said...


Anonymous said...

I'll put in a pid of $60!

Gwenda said...

One more try! $65.00

Anonymous said...

oh Joyce could I say something really corny like " you had me at..... hello, i mean a reversible smaller bag"

My Caramel Apples arrived today and I am pouring through my clothes to see if I have something worthy of the colours and mood.

My little lap top will put the "ancy" in fancy and make all the other lap tops green with envy.

I'll try $ 67

Anonymous said...


joyce said...

yay, fancy! I am glad you got your bag today. It will remind you of spring... and summer.

you got yourself one heck of a reversible bag!

tanya said...

Lovely bag Joyce. Very classy!