Friday, October 24, 2008

The Singer

Bringin' back those buttony flowers. And just by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin at that.
I thought that today would be bag-less friday. I had to go to a massage last night, and from there straight to my kids' band concert, and then to my friends' for a cuppa tea.
But then I remembered that on warm, sunny days I would sometimes take a flap outside with a tin of buttons and sew all those delights on while the kiddies played in the sandbox. So, there was already a loverly flap just waiting to get sewn onto a bag of some sort.
So, I got it done, and here it is for your viewing pleasure.

All orange, and green, and pink, and blue.....

Chennille on one side of the strap, and Trinidadian batik on the other. Gorgeous. The inside pockets came from London, England. That sweet and generous Lettuce.

So, there you have it. It's "pee friday" which in daycare lingo seems to mean that someone will inevitably pee on my armchair, or in the playground, or on the trampoline before that magical hour of 5:30 pm. History predicts that these things happen on fridays.
I will hang this bag over my office door so that there is zero chance of it becoming contaminated.
Now, if you are squeamish like some people, (cough, cough, Kathy and ede) you'll likely go look for a Martha Stewart website now and study a thousand commercials on how to simplify your life.
Really, this bag is not about pee.
It's about something else, and just falls quite by coincidence on Friday, which is what makes me think about pee.
But I digress, and digress, and digress.
Bids taken, studied, considered, and never discarded until 8 pm, cst. By which time I will be on my second gin and tonic, and quite possibly a mohito. (sp?!)


tanya said...

I love it and am glad that you are using those lovely sheets on the outside of bags again...hopefully this will also be available in a handbag version, because I'm banned from buying more messenger bags.

Anonymous said...

Okey I'm new to this. What's the difference between a handbag or a messenger bag? I'm thinking size, right? Love the bags by the way! Just waiting for the "perfect one" to bid on.


joyce said...

Tanya- banned, schmanned. Whose the boss of you anyway?! (ha, ha)

Okay, so the handbags are these theoretical, mythical, glimmer in my eyeball right now. They are not actually being produced YET. But they will come, just as soon as I make one.......

Then there is the Tote style of bag, which you would see a few pictures back. mnday and tuesday, I believe. I think I even thought of mentioning dimensions.

The messenger bags are large enough for a binder or a laptop. About 17 by 14 inches.

Oh, and HI DENISE! welcome.

JDP said...

Have to bid on these happy colours...

Anonymous said...

Cute Joyce. I'm in the city tonight. Are you free? Call me on my cell,ok? Schwester

Anonymous said...

Move over JDP
Love those colors
That I see
Therefor I bid 53
Real poetic -
No,not me.

Laura K

anonymous said...

I have been watching your bags for weeks, waiting for the right one to come up and this bag is perfect. The time and energy you've put into this project is amazing!

I'll bid $60 and watch the clock to hope noone else discovers this treasure before 8:00!


Anonymous said...

Oh man. I love, love, love this bag and was totally going to sneak in here just before 8pm with the winning bid! I was eating pizza with my husband and just realized it's after 9pm (8pm your time). Serves me right for being so caught up in pizza.


joyce said...

...or for spending time with your husband... hmmm..

Christina- hello, hello, hello!!
and welcome. you are lucky that no one came around. So, send me an e-mail at so we can talk about delivery/shipping.

Heather and Reese said...

I check in now and then looking for the right bag... sorry I missed this one cuz this was it!