Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Grandma's cross-stitched table cloth works well as a tote bag as well. Its handiwork holds a certain charm- one that gives pleasure.

Its depth is 15"; width on the bottom is 13", then widening to 16" at the top. Straps are 31 " long. Nice length to sling over your shoulder.

This style of bag is great for all sorts of reasons. Its great for carrying books (I see these at church, and I suppose people keep their notebooks or books in them). I also like to use this style as a handbag.
Leave a figure in the comments, and we'll announce the "winner" (I always think that's a bit lame, seeing as you still have to buy the thing....) at 8 pm cst.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely - reminds me of the dresses you used to make for all sorts of lucky little girls.

Carol :)

Anonymous said...

I can see my mom using it for her knitting when she's out and about - she would love it! So, I'll start the bidding at $45.

Anonymous said...

lovely joyce

i have launched my little project "cookies for a cause" as of Sunday and it is remarkable how people get enthused about joining in .

The money raised will go to Doctors without Borders .I will be doing this for a 6 week period-one dozen home baked cookies "costs" $8 per doz and all proceeds go to Doctors without Borders.

So far $150
thanks for making this small idea seem doable


Anonymous said...

Sew pretty, truly an inspired design. Re:Joyce nice to see your artistry shine in this "charm"ing bag!*****

Anonymous said...

I've been watching for far too long - time to take the plunge & bid - $50.

My word verification - "allow" - so...you must all allow me to have this bag - especially since it's my first time bidding!
Pam B :)

svea said...

sooo beautiful joyce. Of course I Love blues. Aww it is so pretty, but after two speeding tickets in the mail, I am not going to be able to bid for a while....:(

JDP said...

do i ever know how speeding tickets can impede shopping! they're so sneaky! hope to bid again soon!

Loretta said...

This is for my Mom's 95th Birthday
later this month, I bid $55.00.

Anonymous said...

am I too late for $58?

Pam B

Loretta said...

Sorry Pam B, L.

joyce said...

sorry Pam- for just coming out of the closet, wouldn't it have been fun to get that bag?

But LORETTA! (you know she's the sweetheart who donated the shirts off her back for this project! Not to mention the skirts, pants, HOTpants....)

You got it girl. E-mail me with your address, in case its gotten buried around here somewhere.