Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tree of Life

Inside pockets.

Rear view, and strap. both African fabrics.

three small pockets on the front, under the flap.

side views.

Amazing tree- the flap. embellished with tiny black buttons.


What I said early this morning....
I am still sewing some buttons onto that tree, so I'm not quite ready to go the way of the whole photo shoot.

So, here's an appetizer. Its another Africa bag- Barundi again, I believe. And she's a beauty.

And no, all these buttons are not going onto the bag.... they are just a sampling of what I sifted through to find just the right ones.

May this tree return its fruit to the country from whence it came.
Bag is sized: 11" deep and 13" across.
bids please until 8 pm, cst.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome bag! I love it. I am so lusting after your button tins!
$50 Carol

Roo said...


i love it.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the rest of it!I will raise the bid to $

Anonymous said...

One of your best! $65

Morris Granny's daughter

Ariel Gordon said...

Could the wax reference be about batik?

(Gorgeous bag...)

Anonymous said...

I am loving Africa week. I'll bid $68 :o)

Anonymous said...

My Africa dress material...which never quite made it to being made into a glad it could come to better use! It is phenomenal! I am in for $69!

joyce said...

yes, the wax reference is to batik.

Shelley said...

Love it! Have been waiting for more African bags!


Anonymous said...

I'm in for $71!

Ramona said...

Hi ya Joyce! Oh how I love this bag! I am wishing I had my Christmas money already... and wishing it was a tad bigger to use as a diaper bag one day! Please save some Africa fabric for after Christmas!!!
PS In case you're trying to figure out who I am, think these three words:
Lynx, cougar, camp
And nope, no referral news for us yet:-(

bygeorge! said...

iloveyour bag...terrific
love katiebird

Anonymous said...

I wonder if $72 will make the cut?


Brian the Mennonite said...

Brian here for Joyce...looks like Vicki got it right on the nose at 8:00 @ $72.00.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how I pay for this beauty, now that I "won" it.

joyce said...

Vicki- you e-mail me at
You let me know where you are, and then we will know whether to ship the bag or deliver it.

Keanan said...

wow. that is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Boo...this is what happens when you leave the computer unattended for a while...well, go visiting for a few hours.....guess I will have to get another Africa bag another day!