Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Living On The Woven Edge

I think I've outdone myself on this one. Rarely do I sew a bag that I am tempted to keep for myself, but this one......

A different size entirely. 13 inches deep and 11" across. Shoulder strap is adjustable, using that gorgeous ivory coloured buckle.

Ivory, green, soft brown..... mmmm

A pocket on each side, employing the lacey edge of the cross-stitched table runner.

Then there are those leaves and robin eggs along the shoulder strap. I've been waiting for the perfect chance to use that piece, and here it is.

See those pale blue eggs?

I like the packaging on the seam binding that I used on the flap, so it has become our bag label.

Two attractive pockets inside.
So, if you think a different size and shape is in order (I mean the bag; not you) then perhaps today is your lucky day.
Bids are open until 8 pm, cst.
Oh, and Denise from a few bags back, you've got until Friday at 8 pm, after that the bag goes to Roberta. (*
*nothing like a fierce threat to get those Denise people running out from hiding. Sorry, Roberta. Get back in line.
Thank you Denise!


Kelli Moore said...

I will start the bidding at $40.
Joyce, I'm going to get one before Christmas! I've decided. :)

esther said...


Loretta said...

Lovely bag today - can't wait 'till I get mine!
Happy Birthday Joyce! Belatedly....

Jody said...


It's beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce, just thought I would let you know that Denise is "our" Denise. She only has internet at work and probably doesn't get a chance to use it often. She may need a phone call.
By the way, great bag today!

Anonymous said...

I'm in for $66...

Jody said...