Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Want a Trump Card?

I've got a little problem, and you might be my big solution.
Some months ago, I agreed to be part of the Save Darfur Canada postcard campaign. I have in my possession approximately 50 postcards, which need to be signed and returned to me ASAP so that I can in turn send them back to Save Darfur Canada, who will then hope to send 300,000 postcards to the Prime Minister- one fore each life lost in the current crisis.

Here's what I would like to do: Two lucky/energetic/outgoing people can get around 25 postcards from me, and have them signed pronto, and then returned to me. I'd like to have them back within two weeks. Those two people, upon completion of their mission, then hold a trump card that will enable them purchase any bag that comes up at the minimum bid amount of $45.00. You can trump anyone at any time during the day of the bag that suits your fancy, and the bag will be yours.

This might be an awesome idea if you're finding the bags going beyond your budget, but you think it wouldn't be too difficult to drum up 25 signitures. Maybe you have 25 people in your staff room at lunch, and you could get it done in a day. Interested? Leave me a comment, or e-mail me at

*update: Thank you to the first two volunteers- P and L.
The great postcard challenge has been launched, and both positions have been filled.

And yes, the Hokey Polka bag is still here for your viewing pleasure.
Just scroll down.


Anonymous said...

Joyce, I am in...can you send them to work with Brian? I don't think it will take me too long!

bygeorge! said...

Hi Joyce... don't think I could accomplish and return unless I drove to N'ville!
but just a gut reaction to possible set up. It would dampen my enthusiasm to bid and follow a bag all day, only to be 'trumped'. this would be scary / random vs the process to play the bids, and loose in the eleventh hour... (that hurts too!)
what if they,(the trumpers) need to speak for bag early in the day?
just thoughts,

PamJ said...

I can do it for ya Joyce. No problem. Count me in as number two.

Melodie Ramos said...

I'd certainly help with the post cards: if you still need it

joyce said...

Lory- good input. Well, what if you think of the trump as a $1,000.00 bill? It has happened before. Besides, now we've got our two potential trumpers, and it can only happen two times. So, just imagine that JWB is back in the house and he'll drop $1000.00 two more times.

I didn't realize that I'd have to go with time of offers on the Darfur postcards! But it has come to that. So, I got two e-mails; one at 6:34 and one at 6:39 and some after that. I will e-mail those first two offers, and to the rest of you helping hand types.... Just know that I am dreaming up some other ideas for sweatshop labour.

Thanks a bundle, everyone. Really.