Monday, December 15, 2008


Today's bag is inspired by Christmas pageants full of wiggley children and oggling grandparents. I went to one last night and laughed and cried. For me, the wonder of Christmas is always captured by those children's Christmas productions.

The bag istself is repurposed from a child's skirt. A deep burgandy bottom was added to its hem to create a wonderful little handbag.

A deep velvet ribbon is beautifully embellished with a shiney buckle. The bag fastens on the other side with an equally sparkly button.

I don't hand out those buttons to just anyone, you know.

Hey. If you're going to show up here at 7:00 in the morning expecting breakfast, you may as well model before you eat.
It goes without saying (although everyone WILL say it...) Its the last week before Christmas.
fa la la la la, and blingity bling gletchyen.
Bids here until 8:00 pm, cst.


Melanie said...

Need this one - $45.

PamJ said...

hehehe she is in T's class :)
she looks very chipper so early in the mornin!

Anonymous said...

i sink i need one-a dose pink purses mama.

Melanie said...

Did I seriously get this sweet jem? How did that happen? Was everyone sleeping today?

Melanie said...

I see that my comment published at exactly 8 - WHOO HOO!

joyce said...

(do I still get paid this week?!)

Melanie said...

Nope - it's coming off your cheque. ;)

svea said...

i am sooooo disappointed i was out sick yesterday or I would have given mel a run for her money. I LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!!! I WANT THIS BAG.....Ok enough pouting. Happy for you mel

Anonymous said...

What! The only day I don't stalk this blog.....congratulations Melanie!

rob said...

hey. do i get breakfast if i come at 7?

your place is too good to be true.