Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rhapsody in Beige

I'm not very good at telling jokes. Mind you, I'm not as bad as my sister Kathy, who always starts with the punch line.... but I don't fall too far behind.
Lately, as I've been working with a lot of neutral tones, I've been remembering a joke that I've thought was funny for about 15 years now. It's only slightly inappropriate, so please tolerate my indiscretions.

A woman lies, transfixed, after a marvelous encounter with her husband. All she can utter is "beige". Her husband thinks maybe he has transported her to an entirely different place, and is feeling pretty tall and mighty. He presses her for details.
And she sighs *beige. I think I'll paint the ceiling beige!*
So, there you have it.
Where does Rhapsody come in? Last night as I was putting the finishing touches on this piece, Brian was watching a movie on his computer called "August Rush". Beautiful music in that movie, and a lovely fairy tale story line.

I employed some of my impressive hankie stash in this bag. One went under the flap for a cell phone, and three more are inside forming another pocket. I love the delicacy of this lost art.

The body of the bag is formed of Mr Sample Guy pieces. (very high end sample pieces from a generous supporter) The strap is adjustable. Inside are two pockets; one pocket in the side panel; and one pocket underneath the flap. The bag itself measures 12 by 13 inches.

I am reading "Tears of the Desert" right now. "A Memoir of Survival in Darfur". I'm wondering what its effect on me will be, and I am imagining that my desire to partner in raising even more money in '09 will be part of its overflow.
We get too accustomed to tragedy and injustice. Too easily.
Additionally, I have been thinking about the reality of it being January, one day after Blue Monday, and all of our collective efforts to pay off Christmas and pony up enough money for our gas and hydro bills. (at minus 30 and 35, those bills are not exactly moderate)
So, I say, start the bids at $35.00. We'll call it Tightwad Tuesday, and it will be absolutely no reflection of your character.
Happy Beige Rhapsody!
(put off painting your ceiling until after this bag is sold.)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful BAG .....combining beige and rhapsody is cleaver..............beautiful!!!


Aynsley said...

I bid $45.00

Cherry Blossom said...

I think I am going to have to use my Trump card on this one....Sorry everyone but this bag is mine! Don't bother leaving a comment because it is SOLD!


tanya said...

I'm still going to leave a comment...Beautiful, just beautiful Joyce.

joyce said...

Lynette has a "trump card" because of her help in achieving signitures on a stack of "Save Darfur Canada" postcards a few months ago. This enables her to trump anyone's bids on a bag of her choice and pay the minimum bid of $45.00. Which is ironic today, isn't it? Tightwad tuesday, and I was taking bids of $35!

ah, well. What do I know? It must have been that most hilarious joke that I told...

Congrats, Lynette. And great choice.
The only thing that I MUST disagree with is the bit about not leaving a comment... Because then what would I have to look forward to all day?!

have a great day.
And leave a comment.

Melissa said...

I think this is my first time commenting. This bag is beautiful and one day I AM going to at least bid on one and hopefully WIN one :)

Anonymous said...

And here I spent my morning considering how high I would bid... beeeautiful!

Anonymous said...

As always another amazing bag Joyce! Let's hope this cold winter doesn't last too much longer. Still watching to snag another bag someday!

Kelli Moore said...

I really like this bag, even though I can't bit. I really like the hanky as well -- I LOVE hankies and agree that it's sad we don't use them/make them/appreciate them like they once were. I think it's BEAUTIFULLY clever to use them to make the pockets. That was my favorite part of this bag. . .
Do we have Africa day tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

I have seen August Rush twice - 2nd time was with my new surround sound stereo system. I must say I love this movie and will probably watch it again! I know it is a fairy tale ending, but we do need those every once in a while. MK

joyce said...

yes, tomorrow is Africa Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Tears of the Desert is a very well written book. The story brings life in Sudan right to our armchairs. The day after reading it, I bid and won my first Darfur bag. I guess my one and only, so will watch for another one. Todays bag is obviously taken & congrats! Who knows what tomorrow's will be, african wed, oh yes Joyce does! Will be back bright & early in the morning. Carol S