Friday, February 20, 2009


Okay, so yesterday during my window of oppurtunity, the batteries on the camera got tired and lay down. Today.... After downloading the pictures off the camera, now fully charged.... I could get zero internet on my laptop. The pictures are on the laptop. No longer on the camera. I am on Brian's computer. A whole room away from the pictures that are on the laptop.

So, maybe tomorrow I'll try... The Dog Ate My Laptop.

But then again, tomorrow is Saturday, so it looks like all the Darfur stalkers are going to roll up and blow away until Monday anyway.

Unless Brian e-mails me back LIKE NOW and solves this mysterious electronic pain-in-the.... for us and I can proceed with the bag'o'wax that I had planned for today.

In other news.... WE now have a bag in the Dominican Republic! One of the recipients gifted her back to a maid at a resort in the DR. Hope she likes it. Additionally, "Elephantine" is headed to Virginia. That's our second American bag. I think that the visit with Obama yesterday had a lot to do with this warming of trade between our two countries. Okay... Now it's just completely obvious that I've been breathing recycled air since the fall so very, very many months ago.

I hope to be back... Send Brian secret mental messages. Or bypass him entirely and send soothing mental messages to the laptop so it gets its moxy back.


Anonymous said...

please please work laptop.....

Anonymous said...

Does your laptop have a wee switch, anywhere, that turns your internet thingummy on or off? Mine is on the side, virtually hidden, and I have turned it off by accident more than once.

joyce said...

or.... a kid who knows how these things work! (even easier)