Monday, February 2, 2009



I have a thing for old pins. I love to peruse the glass cases at the thrift shop and pick out old lady pins with fake pearls, flowery shapes, swirly bits, coloured, and neutral. I've not had an easy time of letting any of these pins go.

I picked up Scottie just this week, and I'm releasing her immediately into the world to have a new life and to be part of something BIG like the Darfur project.
Anyhoo, back to beige. It's been fun to have a stack of various beige pieces. It's neat to see how many combinations are possible.
If you like pockets, this is the bag for you. I employed a pants pocket on the inside that actually provides three pockets in one. On the opposite side is a hanky turned pocket.

So, there you have it. The strap is a scarf that I bought some time ago while on a date with Brian downtown Winnipeg. It's time to give it a new life. The bag measures 12" by 12.5 inches. Weird that it looks distinctly rectangular with measurements like that.
Welcome to Monday. Like the bag? leave me a comment with a dollar amount, and I'll shut this party down at 8 pm, cst.


Kelli Moore said...

I'm starting off with 45.00!

shaunak said...


Anonymous said...

$55 very nice...

joyce said...

Charlene- the bag is yours for $55!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Charlene

gloria said...

when did you start posting bags on monday again?