Friday, February 13, 2009


A Zulu valentine, called an Ibheqe, is a narrow beaded band with a rectangular flap that rests in the hollow of the throat when worn around the neck.

Here's the rest of that pillow case that got shipped off to Alberta and got re-named "Donkeys and Elephants- oh my!" My friend Cheri was wondering why the elephant had five legs. I made an inappropriate comment, and then Cheri in her great wisdom finally figured out that the fifth leg was indeed the elephant's tail. But you already knew that.

I used nearly every single scrap of it, taking care to use those neat triangular details on the side pockets.

Since I'm already running way behind today.... I won't waste another moment by running off to hunt for my tape measure. It's the size of a 350 g of special K. (there goes another one of my Top Secrets. darn.)

I know the picture is blurry, but like I said.... I'm waaaaay late this morning.

Interior fabric is from the Republic of Congo.

The elephant and donkey bits are from Ethiopia, bordered by a green and brown piece from Tanzania, and the bottom and inside bits from Republic of Congo.
Happy Valentine (Ibheqe) Day.
Start with $45 CDN and go straight up from there.
I love you
will you be mine


Kelli Moore said...

$45. :) I really love it.

Karen said...

I think I had better stop checking in every day- the temptation may prove to be too much and I'll soon be known as a/the 'bag lady' due to my expanding collection...

Another great bag!

chiromomma said...

$48. It's totally a must have situation!

sandi said...

$55 I love it!
I see I will have a new blog to check everyday! LOL

oreneta said...

Joyce, they are all lovely, but that bag is STUNNING!!! Can't afford it, but I just have to say that I LOVE this bag. You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

It's lovely. And you can't get much more African than Ethiopia, Tanzania and the DRC!

This is the first month ever that my husband and I are actually writing down every penny (well, dollar really) that we spend, so he will KILL me if my bid is successful but, hey, Happy Valentine's Day to me.


Karen T.

joyce said...

Time to dig deep into your brassiere... Your SECRET bra that is.

Thanks, oreneta. I thought it might be a dud, because my friend and I have a joke that whenever I really love a bag, it seems to rise like a lead balloon on the blog. turns out that you all have magnificent taste! :)

Additionally.... Velcome to the Wisitors. (my dad said that faithfully every Sunday at church as I was growing up...)

Karen if your husband kills you, you could likely consider yourself a martyr. I've totally got your back, so I'll put in a good word for ya...

Besides. You're making the rest of us feel inadequate because we dn't write things down. okay. I don't. but I feel a lot of shame. Does that count?

chiromomma said...

I've been away from a computer all day and I'm not sure when the last bid is supposed to be in, but if it is still open I'd like to throw $70 into the ring!

Roo said...

u r a q t 2

joyce said...

Sandi for $68!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I totally forgot to come back to keep bidding. Argggghh. But congrats Sandi. Keep the Africa bags coming, please Joyce!

And thanks for having my back. But I've already got a couple of family members vying for martyrdom, so I can't imagine it would be bestowed on all of us. And, anyway, I didn't get the bag so I guess I'm safe for awhile.

Have a great weekend.

Karen T.