Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lettuce In Season

Words from Lettuce: "hand-knitted and felted - knitted with 5 or 6 strands of wool mixing my own colours & using yarn leftovers, charity shop finds etc.
Vintage fabric and button.

My first go at one of these, lots of fun."

Well, I have to say... "GO, Lettuce, GO!"
Can you believe the labour going into this beauty? First you knit the entire bag. Then you throw it into the washer and dryer to felt the wool. Then you send it all the way to Winterville and share it with all of us, plus help to feed people in Darfur!

I do love this bag. And was it ever nice to have somebody come alongside on the project and donate such marvelous pieces. This is the final bag that came to us from Lettuce in London, England.

Well, here in friendly, sunny Manitoba we're having one of those infamous spring blizzards. The kind where your husband/teacher hops back into bed at 6:00 am all bouncy and happy that he gets to stay at home and not go to work. Forgetting that he is now at MY WORK and so will ALL OF HIS CHILDREN BE.
I'm not crazy about changes in routine.
So while he rolls over grinning in his slumber, I shoot out of bed and begin the panic.
Bids on today's bag begin at $45. Cdn and move up from there. I'll leave the auction open until 7:00 am tomorrow morning. (March 26, 2009)


esther said...

oh WOW!
so FUN, i'll bid $45 :)

Anonymous said...

$50... i am going to get it this time lol


gophercheeks said...

Super nice bag, damn I wish I could knit!!

Enjoy your snow day!!

Anonymous said...

Could you please post the dimensions of this bag.

joyce said...

yep... 12 by 12 inches

Melodie Ramos said...

That bag is gorgeous!
City teachers never get a snow day

joyce said...

you got it, katie!

Anonymous said...

OMG i didn't even remember to check!!! how do i go about this Joyce!!!

Gary said...

Excellent! You Go Letty!