Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Tote: Monks' Belt Weave

The weaving pattern on this bag is called "Monks Belt". The bag is woven mostly in cottons, and in the weft I've used scraps, left over bits - mainly cottons, silk, chenille - there might be some bits of ribbon in there...........

Another lovely piece of weaving by Lettuce.

A wee tote bag, and a lovely chance for you to enjoy a bit of London workwomanship without spending the wad.
This lovely tote measures 8" x 10".

Isn't it marvelous the way people express their creativity?
Who will start us off today with $15 canadian dollars? We'll keep the bag up for auction until tomorrow morning, Wednesday, March 25 at 7:00 am, cst.


Kelli Moore said...

I'll start with 15. :)

Anonymous said...

I follow with $20-

esther said...

pretty :)

christine said...

oh, my stars (sorry i work with sr's)
i love this bag..
***i think i will copy the above statement actually,
and then paste it in your comment box
unreal. don't know another more creative person!!
you go girl.
25 doll-a

Anonymous said...

$30 Please

Anonymous said...

If I am not bidding too late, I bid $35.00

Anonymous said...

$40 Please

joyce said...

Lindsay, it is yours at $40
with your location, please!