Saturday, April 4, 2009

funky fun

I found all the pieces for this bang of a bag downstairs when I was trying to find some order in the chaos. I had apparently cut it all out and then buried the pieces in the mania of everyday living. It employs some of my favourite things- those wonderful paisley thingies in bright colours; and of course- dyed chennille bedspreads.

This bag is a return to the larger bag that I consistently made "in the beginning". So, if you are looking for a place to stash your diapers, books, water bottles, kid paraphanalia, beach supplies, or you just haul around more than your wallet and tylenol.... This is a bag for you.

(Isn't it just spunky looking?)

The strap is made of gingham that was hand embroidered into a table cloth. I thought it worked better here.

A bit of buttony bling to add texture to those daisies...
And two functional pockets at the front. I find that I like to use those for that stuff that always gets lost in the other sections: grocery lists, lipstick, car keys, cell phone. (in no way means that I will remember to turn on said phone).

The bag measures 15" across and 12.5" deep.
I'll keep the auction open until 7:00 am, cst, Thursday, April 9.
(Today is my second daughter's thirteenth birthday. Do you think I'm up for this challenge of suddenly, unexplicably becoming the mother of teens?!)


gloria said...

you bags are so very stunning Joyce. i <3 you.

Anonymous said...

I think you are ready to be the mother of two teens - let me know of any secrets (or ploys) that help.......MK

joyce said...

I know you meant to write "your bags" but at the current state of my imperfect mind; I like to hear that "You Bags are stunning".
I needed to hear that!

MK: humility. And keeping my mouth shut far more often than comfortable.

Kelli Moore said...

I bid a solid $45.

Kelli Moore said...

7am is no good for a deadline. I can't wait that long. Let's change it to 1:00pm. I think I can wait 30 minutes, plus then I can win it. And you could mail it this afternoon and I could wear it on Easter. Isn't this a much better plan?

joyce said...

is this a good time to remind you that we're a bit slow in MB? So you'd still have to wait 1.5 hours due to the daylight savings plan and all? (sure, we might have daylight, but that doesn't ever mean that winter ends....)

love your 'tude, Kelli.
love it.

Kelli Moore said...

Ha. Well, I wish we were like you guys. The little boys protest at 8pm bedtime: Mommy it's still day! Oh, I remember, because the time change, right Mommy?


Well, 30 minutes, 1.5 hours, or 7am tomorrow, I'm going to go down a fighter on this one. :) I've got my dukes up! (Don't tell anyone I'm a wimp).

Roo said...

happy birthday jane!
love this punky bag.

gloria said...


joyce said...

Kelli- not only are you fiesty- but you're going to look pretty dang funky while you're at it!

Kelli Moore said...

YAY!!!! I'm so excited!! :)

Rosa said...

I could not look at these bags long both this one and the one previous. I think I will be very guilty of that covet word!!!!! Did you know I saw a stunning Joyce bag in the dominican!!!! She absolutely loved it.