Monday, April 27, 2009

hmm.... & grrrrrrr...And We Are Still Experiencing Technical Difficulties; AND How Much Can One Patient Woman Take?!

(Blogger is giving me trouble this morning with uploading photographs.
I'll try back again later, and hopefully can show you a tote bag for all your toting needs! )

** turns out that I have used up my available space for uploading photographs and am at the point of having to purchase more space through google.

Secondly, Google says that it may take up to 24 hours for these purchased GB of space to show up at my blog. So, on a week when I am prepared..... I am immobilized.


(fingers crossed for tomorrow anyway...)

......And here I am at tomorrow. Still not playing nice.
Well, there are some things that one can control. Others; not so much. We shall prevail and wait.

Today, WEDNESDAY; I'm getting the same rejection notice. However, when I click on my status, to see how much space I have; I apparently have new GB just sitting there. You know, I may be good with the sewing machine, but mysterious electronics-- not so much.

I shall remain seated until a magnificent rescuer comes upon me in my distress.

(Anyone....... Anyone?)


Anonymous said...

ha ha...
came to tell you to just go with the break!
something good will come of it.
and then I saw the word verification.
you could start a wonderful language
my word is
sounds magical... like a very effective prescription...
have a good day Joyce!

Karla said...

Oh give me a break... you know you're actually sitting with your feet up drinking supreme Iced Cappucinos and getting all the day-care kids to use the donated fabric to fan you with as they pop grapes in your mouth.

Good try, though.

joyce said...

oxyloxy; I say.

Make that chocolate covered, bon-bon oxyloxy. Prescription strength.

Anonymous said...

are you "bionated" by oxyloxy yet?
you know ,
when the prescribed oxyloxy has fully converged with your brain cells and you have achieved smiling superhuman status?
(word verification is short term substitute for bags4darfur addiction)

Roo said...

what??!! doesn't blogger know who YOU are? is there no respect to be found anywhere these days?

JayP said...

I think you should ask 'blogger' for them to donate the extra space to this great cause! No harm asking.

my verification word is 'gomasdo'

s/b the name of a country in South America

Anonymous said...

Can you delete old stuff to make space???

joyce said...

I think I could; as a short term solution but I hesitate to. I like having all the bags recorded as they are. I am hoping that things are up and running for tomorrow.
If not; I'll get drastic.

Anonymous said...

you could just leave one pic of old back to still have record of them and get some room. maybe?

Anonymous said...


Karen said...

just make a new blog in the meantime. Post the new link, and we'll be there.

joyce said...

hmmm... tried deleting a few photos off some posts and even that made no diffeence.
I hope my techno husband can work this out for me.