Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Did this set of drapes and this tired pillowcase ever dream of being rebirthed into a fabulous tote bag?

Or that carefully embroidered tablecloth imagine resting on your shoulder?

(And what a dashing shoulder it is!)

What lovely work our foremothers engaged in. What a pleasure to enjoy it all over again in a new way.

The other side of the bag features two handy pockets.

This is the bag turned inside out so that you can have a good look at the pockets. The yellow piece forms a large pocket, and the sleeve piece forms a small one for your pesky little stuff.

And the shirt front forms a large pocket on the second side.
It's a grand bag for spring and summer. Large and useful. Same dimensions as yesterday's.
Want to make a difference in a country where the word "fair" is unheard of?
Let's start the bids at $25 and work our way up from there until tomorrow morning at 7:00 am.


perrygirl :) said...

New model? I can't see his face. Is it cause he is gritting his teeth and begging for you to hurry and take the pictures before some nice lady comes by to drop off her kidlettes?
The tote is gorgeous and I love all the pockets! But I am lovin' my I<3 You bag!
Thanks for what you are doing here.

Anonymous said...

you are like some kinda
~dream weaver...
beauty bag.
beauty shoulder!

Anonymous said...


As my word verification says, "spolento!"

Audrey said...

Love this bag! Have followed your blog for a while now, found via my cousin. 6:55 a.m.... my bid is $35.

Audrey said...

Shoot... I just actually re-read the dates on the post. Guess I'm only a day late?

joyce said...

no Audrey, you are bang on. I set up this post a few days early, but only published it yesterday (wednesday). So your $35 is good!

you can e-mail me at re-joyce@mts.net and let me know your location.