Monday, April 13, 2009


Been doing this online auction for almost a year now.

Don't know where it will all lead to, or end up as, but it's been quite a joy.
Lately, I've been finding particular pleasure in making button trees. I like this brown one, even as the snow slowly melts away (again...) and the trees make their reappearance. They are brown now, but hold the promise of much to come.

I carry a bag similar in size and function to this one, and find that I really like the pockets just beneath the flap. Perfect for that little stuff that you need all the time but get tired of rooting around for.

Brown sounds so mundane, but it's not. There is something warm and wonderful about all those shades and patterns in brown.

11 x 11 inches.
Four pockets: two under flap, and two inside.
Bids starting at $35.00 and taken until 7 am, cst tomorrow, Tuesday April 14.
Highest bidder at that time gets the bag.


tanya said...

I can`t resist bidding on the tree. $40.

esther said...

love the button tree, and i LOVE brown :) 45$

gophercheeks said...

Very nice brown bag.... you have got the tree creation nailed down!!

I miss you. I hope your Easter was special.

Anonymous said...

Love your trees Joyce , very nice bag! BBNM

Anonymous said...

I love trees... love the button tree bag.. and am instantly reminded of the poem ..TREES.. I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree.....a tree that looks to God all day and lifts her leafy arms to pray...poems are made by fools like me.but only God can make a tree..written by Joyce Kilmer in days of yore...

Anonymous said...

I love these bags...I will bid $50.


joyce said...

well I'm glad its being well received. I was pleased with it also.

Thanks for the "miss you" Gopher
I had a few posts to write, and when I had the time, there were fifty other things to do.


Kelli Moore said...

Hi Joyce! Lovely bag. Did you get my email about the funky bag?

Anonymous said...

I imagine a button tree with an elephant or giraffe picking the 'buttons' or maybe even a spring bird doing the same.....I about an elephant or monkey juggling buttons. Great bag and I love brown.

joyce said...

LD you can love it for your own!

tell me where you are at