Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Trees Are But(ton)ing!

Her psychosis deepening at an alarming rate; she begins to manufacture her own signs of spring from relics of years past when dunes were sharp memories of Januaries gone by...

It should come as no great surprise that a week ago, I witnessed a large V formation of Canada geese take flight and muscle their way back south, from whence they came. I imagine that they shot their leader for flogging them in flight all the way from Arizona to Manitoba; then elected a rougue leader to take them back; far away from this land of eternal winter.

Meanwhile, a perfectly springlike bag was well in progress, here beneath the snowstorm; the newly resurrected snowplows; and sewn to the hum of my tireless furnace.
I can fashion my own flower gardens and budding trees; thank you very much.
Using some of my favourite-est pieces, spite notwithstanding.
Since you asked..... the pieces in this bag came from Kim Z; who has a splendid eye for vintage. Boler Babe who has.... a splendid eye, not to mention splendid personlity. The swirly body part is from St Pierre thrifty shop. (They almost had to stretcher me out of the place because of my glee) And those buttons.... I hate to admit it, but it's all become a bit of a blur. I've had such lovely people gift me their buttons, and as I drool and sift through them, they've all sort of blended into one glorious melting pot of metals and plastics. I can tell you that one of the shrinky dink buttons from Lory is on the tree. (yes, that's what I said, you Saskatchewan reader with the overactive imagination.... :)
Brian can't understand why it's upsetting to me that I can no longer track which button came from which doner. But he just couldn't, could he? Does he have the same depth of love and passion?
I think not.

I happen to love the fabric of the (adjustable) strap and the inside of the flap. It has these awesome blue berries and these frolicking hounds. (thank you, Kim Z)

You were here to read about a bag?
Well... okay then.
Bag measures 11 x 12 inches. There are two small pockets underneath the flap, and two more pockets in the interior.
Bids will begin at $35.00 Canadian, and the auction will conclude tomorrow morning, April 7, at 7:00 am, cst.
Comments are free.


Anonymous said...

ahh visions of spring... I shall don (sp?) my shorts and go barefoot.!
I was just telling H. your rule about barefoot. remember Joyce.
]if the name of the month has an R in it - keep your shoes on.
and did you invent the rule.?
or was it your mother's?
I'll start the bidding...
Boler B.

Roo said...

oh button bag -- i love thee.

Anonymous said...

Your glorious bag reminds me of a warm July day filled with flowers, sunshine, barking dogs, and a breezy car ride to Lockport to buy vanilla soft ice cream at Skinner's. Thanks for the lovely vision!
A Fan

gophercheeks said...

Overactive imagination or 5 straight months of crummy winter stuck inside with not much else to ponder....

I love that spring bag and I have to say that I have been showing off my new Birdie bag around and I get so many compliments... I really am your biggest fan!!!

joyce said...

I did not think of the rule... Can't remember- was it my mother's rule? Must be. I remember thinking that April was an awefully long month, and that it should be excused from the "R" guideline...

I have not been to Lockport Skinners in many years. I once was in a bit of a cycling fitness phase, and actually rode my bike out to Lockport from Wolsely in Winnipeg. In this day and age... i might make it to henderson hwy?!

Thanks, gopher. I was merely provoking you. glad to hear you've got birds in your part of Siberia.
Thanks for being a fan! (and for comments. Love comments.)

Anonymous said...


Good news - I saw one of the best harbingers of spring the other day! A lowly robin was perched on my lovely snow/gravel mound looking around like he was wondering "What the h-e-double hockey sticks am I doing here?" Even so, it was a wonderfully warming site to my oh so frost bitten soul!

Take heart, Joyce, take heart!


Anonymous said...

Love those button trees!


joyce said...

yahoo! robins.

Accidental poet- you've got yourself a button tree bag!

Send me an e-mail at

Tell me where you are so we can work out shipping.

lettuce said...

i've yet to meet a man who understands about buttons....