Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Doin' The Happy Dance

A personal favourite; this tea towel turned messenger bag.
Paired up with a soft brown, it really is delightful.

A pocket under the flap for your immediate needs.

Actually; a set of pockets. I see that I divided it to hold a) your keys and b) your phone (if you're one of those really important people who must be available at all times)
I divided the inside pockets a little differently on this one as well. One side has a large pocket, adn the other has two small pockets, plus a pen compartment.

I think they are doing the happy dance. I'm sure that in their world, it's green and summery. They don't need to wear shoes or anything.
This bag measures 12" x 13.5".
As part of the final three, this bag is up for auction until 7:00 am cst, Saturday, May 30, 2009.
Leave your bids here.


Anonymous said...

I bid $45

Heather said...

Put me down for $50. If this is my last chance for a bag, I have to at least try! :-)

JayP said...


One could use this bag during the -50 days of winter...would be quite the conversation piece.


Anonymous said...


Who ville

Anonymous said...

Knock,knock, any more motivated shoppers like you $$$ in Who Ville?

Anonymous said...


Froo Froo Viller

joyce said...

silly. funny. I am getting suspicious.
Deeply suspicious.

Going to the vet now.... just in case youère planning to show up here or go yard saling with me or something...