Thursday, May 7, 2009

May Flowers; Take Two

Who woulda thunk it?
I had enough of this fabric for one more bag, and had even begun to sew it together. With some fancy type dancing, between work, supper, and soccer in minus a billion, I managed to get the bag done up and posted here for your bidding pleasure.

There's something unique about this particular bag. not only does it have a few fun buttons on it just to add some funky; it also has magical powers.
Note the kitty cat approaching in the right hand photo. It's weird and spooky how these pets really seem to believe that these bags are all about them. It's like they really believe that a Pet Spa is just about to begin.

It's hard not to giggle when I'm trying to get these bags photographed.

Love that button.
That's the inside of the bag. Thanks to Valerie C for that fun patchwork, and the bright green straps.

Sweet, ja?
I hope that people who loved May Flowers will be pleased to find this here. I'll break all protocol and post this sucker right now. I'll also do my best to post another bag tomorrow so that people who were looking for a Mother's Day gift (or not) have another chance or two.
The first bid is $25.00 Cdn. This bag will be on the block until 12:00 noon (cst) tomorrow; at which time a second bag will be posted. (barring all major and minor disasters).
Ready? Go!


shaunak said...

Really pretty! $25...

Anonymous said...

yay Joyce!


Anonymous said...

31.00 - The cat pics made my day!

tanya said...

You're killing me

Anonymous said...

Nice work! $35

Anonymous said...

I >3 this bag.


Bags4Darfur said...

I think you mean that you <3 the bag as opposed to seeing it as greater than three?

Sorry to be obnoxious, but you did get the bag!

Anonymous said...


i did mean that I <3 (insert heart here) the bag, but I believe that the bag is greater than 3, but at this point < than $40.00.

me x new bag = obnoxious