Thursday, May 14, 2009

Red Velvet Love

(Does that sound weirdly inappropriate?)
After last weeks love frenzy, I went straight back to the red velvet and had a marvelous time outdoors putting together another symbol of love with an assortment out of my several thousand buttons. (don't get me wrong. That's not too many.)

For the pocket, I used the sweetest hankie back from them olden days. (never-been-used. of this I am sure.... :)
There is a second hanky at the seam of flap and bag.

The inside pockets are from lettuce's vintage pieces.
The strap contains: a chennille bedspread; an embroidered tablecloth; and a scrap of quilting fabric.

This is a pretty big heart; but I figure the followers of the project have hearts about that big as well.

Well.... hmmmm. What to start the bids at. Of course, its nice to see bids come in along with the comments. Let's start it at $35- just to stimulate your economy. This bag measures 10" x 11". It will enhance your life. It will make you happy forevermore. It will wash your dishes. It will cause your children to mind. It will groom your dog.
The auction will close tomorrow morning at 7:00 am, cst. That's Friday, May 15.
(If time keeps whizzing along at this speed; I think I'll be 84 and surprised.)


Anonymous said...

$35....she's a beaut Joyce!

Jessica said...

Will this one trim my cat's nails too? Certainly puts a smile on my face.

Roo said...


Anonymous said...


Roo said...


Roo said...

i couldnt be more excited if i had won the lottery....or a box full of chocolate bars.