Monday, September 21, 2009

flower power

It's been said before that I can't get enough of that '70's flower power.
How could that not make you happy?

Especially when you add some texture with buttons. Yum, yum.

You can thank Alice for the pockets. She was the gentle nag who helped me to see the necessity of compartments to place one's valuables in. I suppose not everyone just chucks their stuff in as I do.

So, on the inside, you'll get some more.

(that's a shirt right there- from a cutie named Esther.)

The view from the back.

A little more eye candy.

And voila. A large messenger bag- big enough for a few binders, or just more stuff.
(approx 15" across and 13" deep)
Adjustable strap.
Please start the bids at $30.00 Cdn.
This auction will be open until Tuesday, September 22/'09, at 9:30 cst.
(comments are free!)


Anonymous said...

I have been drooling over these bags for far too long. Time to jump in and make one MINE.


Bobbie Sue

Barfly said...

Hey Joyce,I did a quick google scan about the the fabric labels you mentioned in your last post's comments. The first link is to a site called "crafting a greeen world". It has 5 tutorials on how to make your own labels.  The last 3 sites are for companies who make them for you and ship them to you.~*Lindsay*~

Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce,
I am SO sure my mom made me and my sisters jumpers out of that exact material. I need to go through some albums to be sure...brings back memories. Love that flower-power.

JDP said...

This fabric always makes me happy when i see it.

Anonymous said...


Bobbie Sue

aynsley said...

I love this fabric, certainly brings back memories. I saw a gal at the Folk Fest this summer and was talking with her about a shirt she was wearing that was this same fabric. Turns out that the fabric is "sheet sets" that came free in laundry detergent many years ago. late 50's early 60's I figure. that is why we all remember it so dearly. I can not remember the brand of detergent though.........LOVE IT LOVE IT...........

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the bit of info from Ansley. Imagine getting such a glorious rainbow thread count free!!
peace out!

joyce said...

Thank you Bobbie Sue! contact me at for my mailing address and leave me the address where you want the flowers shipped to.

Barfly- thank you for those links. I managed to order some fabric labels, by sheer determination. (figuring stuff out online... not my strength)

jumpers. do tell. Or better yet- scan that picture so we can all see!

aynsley- I saw that very same shirt at the FF this year! Now, if these came free with laundry soap; those were indeed different times. These sheets have got to be pretty high quality to survive all these years, and still have enough strength in them to be repurposed into another garment altogether. this also explains why so many people had those floral sheets.

esther said...

wow joyce i am impressed you remembered where that peice of fabric came from :) the bag is beautiful!