Thursday, September 24, 2009


ahhh... I do love this bag.
I'm quite sure that fabric came from a little fairy named Kim, who sifts through cast-aways and brings me the finest in unwanted fabrics.

But that map fabric that forms the pockets is from my sister-in-law who lives in Rome. It seems fitting that she give me a skirt covered in map pictures. My brother and her, along with my three loverly nieces; have lived on several locations on those maps.

That fuzzy green outer edge is just as soft and irrisistable as it hints at.

The colours are indicative of the kind of weather we've been having around here. It's technically autumn, but we've been flooded in the most glorious summer sun and heat.

Great details and colour depth. Why are vintage pieces so appealing? They must be made in an entirely different way. And perhaps the dyes are different too?

The backyard view.

Nothing says "Darfur bag" like a few buttons to finish it off.
This is a medium sized bag- 10" x 11". Two pockets under the flap; two pockets inside.
Bids start at $30- Cdn and this auction will close this evening at 9:30 pm cst.
It's Thursday, everyone. Celebrate by standing the "wrong" way in the elevator at work; will ya?


Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce, I'm not really a 'pink' person but I 'need' one of your bags for my trip next week so I bid $30.
If I was riding an elevator today I would stand the wrong way in it just for you!

svea said...

i love love love this bag, so beautiful joyce

Anonymous said...

Looks like I got myself a bag! Where was everyone today??

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll tell YOU where i was, I was right at the bag sewing factory and didn't even THINK of looking at today's bag, cause there were "other" things going on. I can't #$%^&&^%$@@!!!!!%^&^$#%$ believe this, cause I LOVE the bag and I pro....%##$$#!!!#@$%&^%ERFGHREDFGCHGYTCK&YTFV....It was cause of Billy!!! Otherwise that bag would be mine.

Roo said...

mmmmmm fuzzy green.

Lynn said...

Did I actually miss the perfect bag again? Heavy sigh.

innanyc said...

Lovely!Very attractive.Bags of this kind are light and easy to carry.They are made of different colors and bring out the treasures of the earth.