Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Set of Four RE-usable Shopping Totes

(scroll down to the bottom to see the group of four)

Da dat DAH-- introducing for the very first ever...... The REuseable shopping tote! And not just one either. Nope. A set of four.

Sure, they used to be oversized pillowslips, but that's just so yesterday.

(I just love those green and orange beds. Always makes me think of that fearless little girl in The Three Bears.)

Two of the bags have the beds on top and the dots beneath. The difference between the two similar ones is that one of them buttons closed. I simply employed the original buttons and buttonholes. You could put your outrageously valuable groceries in that one.

Hey- with RE-usable shopping totes; you could be more like me and my uber green husband. Yup. We've got a whole bunch of reusable bags for grocery shopping. They all look fantastic in the back of the van while we're in Superstore unloading $15.8 million dollars in groceries into plastic bags because we never remember to bring those &%^$#@ recyclable ones in with us.
Here's a handy dandy breakdown of what's on the auction block today:
Bag #1

Bag #2

Bag #3

Bag #4

Bids begin at $30- Cdn. Now, what makes these bags different from the tote bag that you have seen here is that they are: unlined, unpocketed, but not unlovable. The bottoms of the bags are reinforced to hold that $25 block of cheese and not lose it in the parking lot on the way to your corvette.
The auction will close tonight, September 29, 2009 at 9:30 pm, cst.
(thank you, VC for those fun-filled fabrics. I've had my eye on them for this very reason since you brought them to me many moons ago...)


Anonymous said...

WOW! Love these Joyce! Good stuff!

gophercheeks said...

Ohhhh Joyce you crack me up.... 25 dollar brick of cheese to my corvette!!! I can't stop laughing. Oh... that's good stuff!


Anonymous said...

HI, Joyce, Love those bags, I am home sick today, but seeing them has made me feel tons better. VC

joyce said...

I don't get it gopher... you're not one of those people who drives a MINIVAN are you? I usually get my fam of six around in the corvette. I feel sorry for you...

:0thanks for that, VC.

gophercheeks said...

What time is it?

Melodie Ramos said...

Those are cool!

joyce said...

yes- GC- Thank you very much! the bags are yours for $45-

xo xo

(v word: reepro)

gophercheeks said...


Can you send me a shipping cost please... if you don't have my email you can facebook me. Merci!!!!!

I am soooooo happy you are sewing again.