Thursday, September 17, 2009


The button tree.

Please, oh please- don't tell me that you are tired of the button tree.
Such therapy to make- such pleasure in seeing those limbs take shape.

All cozied up with some retro pile fabric. (about as fun to sew as a tree trunk.... but manageable
with roughly fifty thousand head pins holding everything in place)

Then there was the "giddy" element of imposing the whole treedom on a vintage hanky depicting a sweet wee bird. With that in place, it was easy to throw caution (and greed) to the wind and spare nothing in my button box. (jar, dish, bottle, pan.....)

I don't know if I"ll ever tire of that floral sheet set from the '70s. It kind of makes all the fabrics around it bloom as well.

And that's not all. Not just another pretty face- form AND function with these convenient under flap pockets to strip you of all excuses when that pesky cell phone rings. (quick! If you're driving; answer it now before the up and coming law that will ban you from chatting while you make that left hand turn.)

Treedom is a medium sized messenger bag- about 10 x 11 ". Two under flap pockets, two interior pockets, and lotsa wow.

If I could grow me about seven extra arms, I'd tote this one around myself.
Starting bid is $30- Cdn and the auction will conclude on Friday, September 18, at 9:30 pm cst.


Anonymous said...

Very lovely!!! I will start at $30 - MK

tanya said...

I don't think I'll ever tire of the button trees.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Joyce!!

PamJ said...

love the trees :)

Jennie C. said...

I will never ever ever tire of your button trees.

Jenni said...

My habit of reading your blog with a cup of tea in hand is akin to the coffee and newspaper ritual many engage in on a daily basis. Welcome back - you were missed!
Out of curiosity - do you have business cards? My bag (Safari from January 27th) accompanies me most everywhere, and the trademark tie straps and bag get so many comments and questions that I find myself repeating the story almost daily, and sometimes more.
Yup... what did I say? As I type - here in Second Cup, Red Deer Alberta - I just got to give the spiel again.
I'd happily buy another bag (or two or three!) if you sent them along with a few dozen business cards for me to give out. Let's be honest... I'd happily buy another two or three even if you don't.

esther said...

YEAH!!! you're back i am SO HAPPY! the bag is soooo pretty!

christine said...

looks like that gal from Red Deer has got an idea...spread the word baby!!
i love the button trees. what are we at now $40?
$45 pour moi.

elck said...


Olivia K

joyce said...

Thank you, Jenni. That was like an extra dark chocolate massage to the soul.

Let's talk business cards. I've meant to get to this for a few years now, and have started once or twice. Ideally, I would like the cards to follow the vein of recycling- using what is commonly thought of as garbage. And I did that for a while- using pages out of cast-off books. You can imagine that it is not time effective.

Then I went to the Dollar store and got this package of cards that one could design and print on one's own printer.

They are somewhere mummified under fabric.

This is a good kick in the rear. I need to get reoriented to this idea of cards. The other thing I have thought of for a long time is that it would be nice to have a fabric label sewn onto the bag that shares the website address. Or even a link to a Darfur information site.

Anybody itching to say something? I'm always up for helpful advice.

And "me"- love your new avatar. You look very sparkly and happy.

Anonymous said...

Did I just get it?



joyce said...

yes, little miss Kehler. You just bought yourself a tree!

Roo said...

so sad i missed this one....but happyfor the one who got it.

this bag is perfection. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant.

Elin said...

My husband uses Overnight Prints for his work business cards. Apparently they're reasonable and have good quality cards. You can get 100 free with them using one of their designs, or you can upload your own custom design and get exactly what you want.

I emailed you an example-no need to use it, just my take on it!

Anonymous said...

You could try Vistaprint for business card also.

christine said...

what!!! i missed it by 3 small dollars???
i don't know why my identity is coming up as me, after i changed it to my name: christine!!!
small things like this add HUGE stress to my life.

i hope there will be more tree bags for
tree folk like "me"
p.s. the sparkly look is just a facade.

christine said...

oh look, the computer gods smile down.
must go to bed
writing one too many comments.