Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bed in a Bag

You may remember me mentioning a quilt that was bought at the thrift shop. A quilt that my husband pointed out would make 25 bag flaps. You may hear me talk about this quilt roughly 20 more times....

What I love about it is that the fabrics are vintage, but not worn. They must have been original scraps from a different sewing project(s).

What goes well with a quilt? A chenille bedspread, silly. (in one of my favourite colours, too)

I love that transition/ carry over of the turquoise from flap down to bag bottom. You know what that bottom bit is from? A cushion cover. So there- you've got a quilt, a bedspread, and pillow.
Which I could market as a "bed in a bag".
But would that be entirely honest?

The bag- turned inside out:

Kind of heavy on the prints. But that's why you don't actually turn the bag inside out. You just put your stuff in there. And that floor looks nasty. yech. But it works well in the entry of a madhouse daycare.
The backside.

I know this picture is sideways, but the computer is having oppostional disorder and won't let me manipulate photos. I decided to publish it anyway, because its a better picture of the bag as a whole.

Particulars: Large size: 15" x 13". Big enough for a binder, or overnight stuff, or diapers for twins. Possibly big enough for a baby. Or a small toddler.
Pockets: two under the flap. Two smallish ones on the inside, and one large.
Please begin bids at $25- Cdn.
In bagville, it's Wednesday, October 27/09. But we have been known to misplace a day or two here and there. So, if we are following the same calendar, let's play this auction game until 9:30 pm, cst, tonight.


Roo said...

ohhhhhh love this one joyce!!!!

Ms. Caddywumpus said...

I love this. Consider me in for $30

Anonymous said...

I am going all the way up to $50, because I love this bag and it is a good cause.

I am an old (51) lady so no diapers - but it will hold a laptop! You forgot to mention that.

I came to this site from - can't recall. Who has a link to you? Etsy? Googling Mariatu? Some baby-mom blog? I read a few of those, thanks to my niece who has the world's most beautiful baby (mine was, but she is 16 now).


Anonymous said...

Great bag. $65

Karla said...

Joyce - this bag is pure gold.

Janice - I like your rambling thoughts. So very cute.

Janice said...

Oh my god - I missed the bag again, but, we (you) got $65 for Darfur.

You have a LOT of bags I like (all of them so far, except for the ones I LOVE), so one day I will get one. There are 19 more in the quilt. Cool.

Karla, glad you like my rambling thoughts - they are not always cute (mwa ha ha) - sometimes they are downright evil.


joyce said...

oh but we really, really LIKE evil! (justifies our pettiness)

In further news... I am completely dim. This was another bag that I thought would collapse like a homemade non-child-holding floating American balloon. I thought maybe it was sort of bright. Sort of large.

But I have no taste.

People tell me that they get comments on their bags when they go out. The bags that I keep for myself and wear and use constantly? Nary a comment to be had. ARen't you lucky? I use all the ugly ones and ALLOW you people to purchase the winners!

In further further news:
Anonymous- who are you?

In further, further, further...
I am ever so happy to see new names cropping up, and bids coming in. Ever so happy. Sometimes one gets silly wondering if the curtain has come down and everyone else but you has noticed....

Karen said...

Uggh, sorry I missed this one. I LOVE it.


Anonymous said...

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