Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today, thanks to all your generous support, Bags4Darfur made an online donation of $276.00 Cdn to the World Food Programme. Normally the website allows me to allocate the funds directly to aid in Darfur, Sudan. This option is not available on the site today, so these funds have been donated to a category called: "where most needed". To see the various countries that WFP sends aid, please check out World Food Programme: Fighting Hunger Worldwide.

If I am unable to reallocate these funds; I am confident that this donation will be put to excellent use wherever needs are most urgent.

**also could Colleen from "Casting my Cares Away" e-mail me again at My computer is out of commission, and I have no access to every single file that I have ever made for this website. (please pray that this is temporary...). The e-mail will enter my husband's computer, as this is a shared mail address. Then I can further direct you on obtaining your bag! (sorry about all this)

Hopefully all will be restored and we can be back to "normal" soon.
(whoever coined the term "normal" was one optimistic dude.)

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