Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Mary

Finally. A bag with photos that look all right, even without the option to rotate them. I think you'll be able to view these without turning your moniter on its side.

Now, here's a bag with a fascinating history.
Back in the day when I sold my very first bags for Darfur, it was just before Christmas and I'd gotten a little carried away trying out a pattern for a small wallet bag. So, I decided to sell them on the blog, and donate the money to a good cause.

I asked for $15- per bag, and in a few days or weeks, I managed to sell them all and reduce my stock while supporting a cause that I felt strongly about.

Everybody knows my weakness for thrift shops.
Well, one day some time ago, I was in the local thrift shop and whaddya know! there was one of the bags that I'd sold a few years earlier! It looked like it was unused, as the fabric was not at all soiled, and the bag showed no wear.
I bought it straight back.

And here it is!
I made a few small changes to it- such as adding the button closure and several snaps under the flap.
And that's not the end of the story. Well, in a way it is. But I'd like to tell you the beginning of the story.
There's a certain woman named Roberta whose name you may have seen in the comment section. She has purchased bags for her daughters and for herself and she's wonderfully supportive. Well, her mother-in-law used to live two houses over from me, and when she had a garage sale one summer day, I wandered over and bought a beautiful old table runner all intricately embroidered in red stichery.
I went home and turned it into little wallet bags.
Which I sold.
One of which I re-bought.
And now wish to re-sell.
I think its a perfect story for the Darfur fundraiser- using cast-offs, garbage, has-beens, and somebody else's not-so-favourites to turn old into gold. If you think its weird to buy a bag that I bought at the thrift shop- stop and think about it. All these bags come from stuff that somebody used to wear; or a sewing project that never got off the ground; or fabric samples destined for the landfill. This bag has awesome layers of history. Maybe I'm a bit strange, but that just makes it all the more wonderful to me.
So, for the sake of all that is fair, righteous and sensible, bids on "Little Mary" will begin at $15- Cdn.
Here are the specifics: 7" across; 8" deep. Shoulder strap: 43" long.
Because of the weirdness of the week, and the obstacles of posting a bag at all; I'm going to leave this bag on auction until Thursday, October 22, 2009 at 9:30 pm.


Anonymous said...

Ill start..


Anonymous said...

So funny Joyce. Well my mother in law is here visiting with me and we thought that we should bid on this cute little number cause, well just cause you tell such a good story. So here goes.



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esther said...

so cute joyce!!

Roo said...

sweet bagette!

joyce said...

awesome- thank you, Katie. I've got your mailing address, so no need to re-send that. Shipping will be less than $10 because it's a small package. I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

Joyce, I send you an email. If possible, could you mail it to a different address? If you have already mailed it, no worries.

Let me know how much for shipping.

Thanks :)