Friday, October 30, 2009

Polka Party

Last winter or so, a lovely supporter named Kim came out to my house with her tickle trunk of treasures. There were several heart-stoppingly awesome vintage pieces within; and one of my favourites was this funky dotted piece.

It has the funnest combo of colours and swirls. I added some 3D appeal by festooning it with small coloured buttons.

I topped it with a tablecloth from none other than my own mother- a witty, sharp little mite of a thing. (my mother ; not the tablecloth gone strap)
And she's only 83. Think of her potential.

It has the typical bells and whistles- three pockets for your highly important gidgets and gadgets.
(that weird geometric green stuff inside is from an upcycled curtain. Can you quite imagine ever falling asleep if you had those bad boys hanging in your bedroom window?!)

Polka Party measures 7.5" across and 9.5" deep.
Perfect if you just want to carry your wallet and handgun and can't be bothered to dig around in a giant bag.
If you bid on this bag, I can promise you eternal happiness.
Well, that might be a touch optimistic.
It's Friday again, and you'll see my dashing around my palace cleaning like a Cinderella on speed. We're having people and fabulous food tonight, and it's gonna be good.
Boring stuff: Bids in the comment box please. Salutations there too. FAQ's answered here.
Bids begin at $25- Cdn and the auction concludes at 9:30 cst pm tonight- October 30, 2009.


Anonymous said...

Great Bag Joyce! I would like to bid $30


Anonymous said...

I want eternal happiness. I want the bag too, but I will step aside again. Despite the good cause, my funds (or lack thereof), requires me to have restraint. Have a lovely evening tonight Joyce!

Alison said...

I bid $31

joyce said...

hey, thanks, Alison.
You know where I am...


VB- your comment is worth so much more... :)

Tanya B- come back real soon, ya'hear?

Jenni said...

Joyce... now you have truly ruined me. Not only did you post those two beautiful shades of neutrals & brown bags the week that I neglected to faithfully visit my "happy place" (lesson learned - I shall drop in more consistently henceforth), but you also made mention of made4aid... tho I think I can stave off addiction to yet another blog by visiting often.
Oh the life of the overdramatic...