Thursday, October 1, 2009

She's FALLen

(and she can't get up........)

Fall, glorious fall.....

pumpkins, squashes, lazy flies copulating on my kitchen walls, plans for making spicey pies, trips to the lake to crunch through leaves, and a different kind of a wind blowing in from the north.

Long live Ruth's orange floral tablecloth!! (that piece has shown up LOTS of times in bags. And her husband thought it was ugly. pffffffffffftt.)

The day I found that brown and orange trim, I pinched myself repeatedly until I began to bleed profusely.
I may have just exaggerated ever so slightly.
I really love that brown trim.

Medium sized messenger bag. (10 x 12")
Fully lined, pocketed both under the flap and on the inside.
Final bag for this week. (tomorrow my family of origin and some of its many descendents are off to Riding Mountain National Park to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our roughly forty-fourth annual tradition.)
Bidding on "fall" will conclude at 9:30 pm cst today; Thursday, OCTOBER 1.
Don't fear for my safety if I'm not here at that moment to congratulate you- I'll be off at my doctor's office being violated given some medical attention.
Wave at some Canada geese today, will ya? Wish them travelling mercies.....


christine said...

that bag is mine. yes indeed.
i wish i was crunching down on fallen leaves with you this weekend...with a shared cup of coffee in hand. that would be bliss right about now.
I"d like to start the bidding at $50.

christine said...

hey where is everybody?? did i scare everyone off with my grin?

bvrooks said...

Gorgeous as usual! I will continue the bidding with $60.

joyce said...

i've just been away having the busiest day of my life. Very thrilled to come back here and see these generous offers.

christine said...

hope everything went well at the docs.
will have to try again..........

esther said...

AWESOME bag joyce...reminds me a tad of my 'delight' -ful bag ;) hugs!

bvrooks said...

Am I reading this right....did I really get the bag???

Roo said...

indeed. brian.
pfffft is right.

joyce said...

bvrooks- indeed! (was away for the weekend; sorry for the slow follow up)
send me an e-mail at to let me know your mailing address.

thank you muchos!