Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shopping Tote

One more bag to round out the week.
(although if I find some zip, I may post a bag that I made which will not make it onto the auction blog- sort of a special event. It comes with a neat story though, which I'd like to share with y'all)
(I'm sure there's a law somewhere about people of Mennonite heritage not being allowed to say things as southern as "y'all". But I like to live dangerously.)
Moving on then: the bag. This tote uses the last of a gorgeous red floral tablecloth, the bottom of a skirt (polka dot and rick rack handles), and a piece of heavy cotton.
The back of the bag is simply a heavy beige cotton.
One side of the interior matches this exactly.

Here is the other side of the interior. I suppose I ought to talk up the fact that it is Fully Reversible just to hone my skills for possibly one day being on one of those 3:00 am infomercials that we all find so convincing.

Well, it's nearly Canadian Thanksgiving. We celebrate pretty small scale in our apologetic country- hunker down indoors and stuff ourselves with turkey and pumpkin pie.

But if you had this bag.... you could probably carry a whole turkey in it! (although I don't advise it and offer no guarantees on the stain resistance- avoid the gravy and cranberry sauce for sure....)

Well, let's all find something to be grateful about. For starters- a way to assist camps in Darfur, Sudan. For the low, low cost of just $15- Cdn!!

oac....someconditionsdoapply....checkyourcardsand makesuretheyaregood....financing not available....

Okay, seriously. Bids begin at $15- Cdn, and the auction carries on until 9:30 pm, cst on Friday, October 9, 2009.

(I am editing this at 2:15 pm thursday, Oct 8- having just noticed that it lacked details, and that it actually published beneath yesterday's bag. Sorry about that.)


Anonymous said...

9#0 pm what day and date Joyce??

Anonymous said...

man I still can't spell
I meant damn I cannot spell

joyce said...

woops. a couple of mistakes today- I uploaded these photos a few days ago, and so the post published below the top of the page; buried under yesterday's bag.

The auction will go until FRIDAY, OCtober 9 at 9:30 pm.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like anyone has started the I willl..


Katie from Victoria BC

bygeorge! said...

you are funny and mysterious Joyce!

Anonymous said...

OK. I think my mom would love this bag ... $20!!

Vest said...

What has happened on 'KILL THE GOAT'? no access. Thought you may know.

joyce said...

funny. How does a guy from Australia make it into the comment section of a philanthropic blog to inquire about an online game at 3:43 in the morning?!

(Hey. Maybe I just answered my own question....)

joyce said...

hi Carol- thanks, and looks like your mother gets a bag! E-mail me at with your location. If I don't get right back to you, its because my laptop is giving me some grief.