Monday, November 30, 2009

Save Darfur

Check out Sixteen days of Activism Against Gender Violence on the Save Darfur Coalition website.
Today is Day six; honouring journalists covering violence against women in Sudan.
I'll never forget what fellow Darfur concerned friend once told me in terms of media coverage about the ongoing genocide and displaced persons in the Sudan.
"Darfur just isn't sexy any more".
It just doesn't generate interest any more.
We'd rather gag on H1N1 25 hours a day.
Well, here's to bringing sexy back.
(chennille bedspread; embroidered velvet; orange quilt; odds and ends; Brian's rejected shirt; a calendar tea- towel; and some other stuff).
Inside the bag:
The tea towel forms another two pockets- one for your pen and the other for something smaller like a phone or what-evah.Two more pockets under the flap- nice for the phone and the keys. (both of which I"ve lost. Shoulda had me one of these bags....)

roughly 11" x 11".
Adjustable strap.
delightfully colourful.
Start price is $25- Cdn. Bids are welcomed until 9:30 pm cst, this evening, November 30, 2009.


tanya said...

I'm not sure about sexy, but you definitely are bringing funky back!

Anonymous said...

I'll start - $25 - MK

Chelsea said...

i bid 35!!

Giulia said...

Oh yes. You can imagine what my days are like out & about trying to generate interest. We're all burning out in frustration..including Darfuri friends. We don't stop, of course, but some days it's all we can do to get out of bed. Seriously.

Thanks for everything. Have not been able to get time to do proper post on you & that's why I've not been in touch. Lovely bag....more soon.

xoxo from DC

Ms. Caddywumpus said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful bag - love the way you combine colours and prints.

Amazing that you have raised $15K. Great going. I am honoured to be part of that.

Karen said...

I've confirmed with my sister that my niece would love this bag for Christmas ... so ... I bid $55 and will keep my fingers crossed!


Unknown said...

Good evening,

Have I missed this auction? Not sure what timezone this is? I'm in England and would like to bid on that uebercool knitting bag for my girlfriend. Is that still possible?

How would I go about paying for it if I won the auction?


joyce said...

hi Rob- you must be the uber cool boyfriend, or something. You still have four hours until end of auction. You can pay via paypal.

good luck!

joyce said...

I have also added a world time zone converter- both in a post and also in the side bar. Hope that helps.

Karen said...

Did I just buy my niece a funky and ubercool Christmas gift that makes me feel good (and a bit envious)??


joyce said...

yup, yup, Karen! If you need my mailing address, send me an e-mail to
Shipping on this bag will be $10 to where you are.
xo thanks so much!

joyce said...

giulia- so true what you say. I spent some time at your website and hope to soon have my laptop back so that I can spend more time.

Giulia said...

Oh. That. Those blogs are for me to let off steam. But welcome:)