Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hold the Lettuce

A lovely shoulder bag from Lettuce in London, England; handwoven on a table top loom.
(How I'd like to see these looms for myself one day...)
For a description of how this bag is put together, check out this post: Letty's woven.
It's a pleasure to host these bags in my home, and have the privelege of auctioning them off for Darfur. People with a love for fabrics and textiles have unique ways of expressing it; and what a joy to share something different here.

Lettuce does beautiful work.
The bag measures 9.5" x 10".
The strap is 18" long.
Auction concludes this evening, November 24, 2009, at 9:30 cst.
Bids begin at $25-.


Janice said...

It is gorgeous. The craftsmanship. I would love a scarf like that. It is a personal style thing, but I like your bags better.

Anonymous said...

$15 ...perhaps ?
Darfur Supporter on a budget :0)

Anonymous said...

i bid 25 dollars!!

Karen said...

I wish I had logged in earlier - what a gorgeous bag. Love those colours!

Anonymous got it for a steal!


joyce said...

someone somewhere asked me why the name Lettuce? And the answer is that this is her blogland name on her other blog called niddy noddy.

Yes, a steal has been had.
Let this inspire budgetarians to check in and note that this site is for people of any means.

(I kind of like that. It's ironic that prices go high from the artist who cheaps her way through life because of an addiction to thrifting.....)