Friday, November 13, 2009

Must Post Bag.... Must Post Bag... Must...

That Lettuce kills me. She knits up a bag, then throws into hot water to felt the fibers.
The result? Sheer ecstacy.

I turned the bag inside out to give a good look at the lining fabric and the two small pockets.

The exterior has two pockets as well- one at the side, and the second on the "back".

It fastens closed with a lovely button, and a knit button hole.
Approximate dimensions are 11" at the base, widening to 14" width at the top. Height: approx 11". Colour scheme: smokey deep grey at the base; a stripe of blue- sort of a cross between peacock and navy (?) then a layer of soft pale grey, a small stripe of the softest, most subtle pink in the world, then another blue stripe, and at the very top a thin band of light grey mixed with pink. I had to hoard this one for a few weeks because its so precious and beautiful.
But today I am working for the greater good, and not greed. Hence... must post bag.
Same schtick. Start at $25 but don't stay there. Leave uplifting and/or amusing comments. Tell all your friends and neighbours. Then tell them about an awesome Ugly Sweater Party coming up tomorrow.
Well? What are you waiting for? Go!


Giulia said...

Lettuce IS amazing. I wonder, does she sleep? Wish I could bid on this but must restrain self for a few weeks. Shall check in. Was wondering if I could feature you on my, uh, "the cat's blog" for fundraising, humanitarian concerns, etc? I've done some Made4Aid but don't know how much good it does. Still. Will be in touch via email...but thought I'd send this quickly.



tanya said...

I'm not a pink person, but I love this bag too much not to place a bid anyways. $35.

sandi said...

$37 I love IT!

Anonymous said...

Dimensions please? Colour? Can't
tell for sure [old monitor].

joyce said...

I edited the post to include that info. I slept a little longer than usual this morning, and kind of threw that post out there.

Hope that helps!

joyce said...

Susan- I would be honoured.
Tanya- if you are a blue-grey person, then the bag will totally work.

tanya said...

Maybe my husband's right, maybe I do have a "bag problem". $40

joyce said...

wonder if there is treatment? I have a sister with bag disorder.

(I think I forgot to say also: auction concludes at 9:30 pm)

Anonymous said...

$97 for a good cause. See you all in the Niv tomorrow night?

joyce said...


Just found this in the AM. very excited. don't know what is more exciting- the generous bid or the thrill of people coming to the 'niv!

lettuce said...


have a drink for me...

Giulia said...

How exciting. Whoever Anon is with the high're wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!