Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I don't think that December first is actually the first day of advent. But I'll tell you what I do know; and why this post is entitled as such.

My boys have a little tradition, and it is the Lego Advent Calendar. We order it from the lego website and when it comes in the mail; it really is the start of the season.

This year it came early, and the anticipation was just too much. They asked their dad to please hide the boxes? it was just too exciting to have them within reach, but to have to wait another 34 sleeps.

Last night Sam set up his box right beside his bed.
Micah told me he'd gotten a "soundless alarm clock"- meaning that he'd set his box across the room from his bed so that he'd be forced to get out of bed to enjoy his first December day.
Sam bounced out of bed at 7:15 this morning and opened his first window. It's a lego guy with wee little lego snow balls.
How can you not love this stuff?
Well, you might be here about a bag.
I like what Tanya said yesterday- "I don't know about bringing sexy back, but you sure brought funky back!"
This bag was fun to make. (as if some are a hardship- hah!)
A while back, I found a summer dress at the thrift shop. It was from "Joe" which I happen to like. However, I wanted it to be a shirt, and not a dress, so I cut off the bottom few inches.
And used it for this peace symbol.
(bag inside out- pocket)
I also used a pair of Jane's favourite pants that had an unfortunate crotch- busting incident. Still, no sense in wasting those pockets!
(again- bag inside out; pockets. The pant pockets, plus the area behind the pants creates a large pocket).
The excess Joe dress hem went into the strap, and forms the pocket beneath the flap.
Other pieces employed are: upholstery samples, donated (green); and a little piece of corduroy from Mitchel fabrics. From about 13 years ago. (still love it).
I noticed that the colours on some of these photos are a bit wonky. For most accurate colour portrayal, focus on the first and last photos. The colour combo is quite pleasing to the eye.
14" wide; 12" long.
Large enough for: binder, baby gear, laptop, etc.
$25- starts her off.
Auction concludes at 9:30 pm cst. today, December one!


Anonymous said...

Great colours! This bag just catches the eye! Another spectacular piece Joyce! We have an advent house for our kids too! We fill ours with little chocolates and each day you open a door you get a different Christmas carol! The excitement we had in our house this morning over their little chocolates was amazing! The way their faces light up makes Christmas time that much more fun!
Oh I guess I should bid on the bag! $25 for me! But I am sure we will be going up from there!

Anonymous said...

$30 - MK
My word was "perses" - LOL

Karen said...

Oh no - would it be weird (or indicative of a personal issue!) if I tried to win a bag two days in a row?! The bag is gorgeous - love the colours. And the peace sign is one of my favourite things in the whole world. [In fact, I am in about my 15th year of contemplating a tattoo of a peace sign.]



Anonymous said...

$45 - MK

Heather Plett said...

Oh my GOSH - I want that bag! SO badly! Even more badly than I wanted the brown tree bag. Oh, why oh why can't the bidding end at 5:00, because once again, I won't be anywhere near a computer tonight to fight off all the other peace-lovin' hippies who want this bag!


Janice said...

Karen, I got 3 bags one week when there were only 3 bags - personal issue? My issue is a love for those bags and support of the great cause and admiration for Joyce. No doubt I have some personal issues - maybe not indicated by my selfish grab bagging.

Great bag again Joyce.

Anonymous said...

Drat! MK
Please more "PEACE" bags!!!!!!

joyce said...

I wish I had an equivalent for the girls- but I was too cheap to pay $20 for the Lindor chocolate one.

Karen- just get the tatto. I did it the summer my brother was dying at the (his) ripe old age of 43. not a tatto. My thing is the nose piercing, which I wanted for.... well forever.

Heather- you never know. some evenings everyone is at soccer or band concert, or a mammogram...

Just to clear up something: There is no such thing as greed at this site. Let's just think what these funds are doing. Now if you were scratching and clawing at a K-Mart blue-light special... well that would be indicative of personal issues. darfur bags? not so much. Besides. I really like that type of issue in people!

I thought-- why not? we're not taking these tents with us. Decorate it a little if you want.

tanya said...

This bag is a lot less painful than a tattoo. You can always give yesterday's bag away as a Christmas gift...or keep it, I believe you can never have too many bags (unfortunately my husband believes otherwise).

Heather Plett said...

It's 5:04 and nobody else has bid yet - keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way for the next few hours!

Wouldn't I look smashing on my trip to the East Coast next week with my peace bag? :-)

joyce said...

you're gonna look HOT on the coast, Heather! congrats...

Heather Plett said...

Woohoo! Just came home from an amazing Jann Arden concert plus dinner with friends, and this is a great way to cap off an awesome evening!

Let me know when you'll be in my neck o' the woods.

Karen said...

Ackk! Congratulations Heather. I was exhausted last night and totally forgot to come back to bid again. But I'm glad a peace-lovin' hippy got the wonderful peace bag.

Joyce - my body has rejected every piercing I've ever tried, but a tattoo is in my future. I think. :)