Monday, December 7, 2009

Crunch Time

It has begun.
work parties, church parties, family gatherings.

This week my auntie turned 92, and my son turned 7.

(She's got just about as much energy as he does.....)
Next week? Brian's birthday.
Throws a little bit of extra challenge into "getting it all done".
But nonetheless, here is the bag 'o' the day.
Still finding those quilt fronts that Janice got me going on.
This one pairs nicely with orange and blue- two of my favourite things.

The inside employs a "Campbells Soup" apron. Three pockets on this side.

Two on the other. I'm liking the smaller pockets on the inside, in addition to the one large one. Helps one to locate the lipstick and keys at crucial moments.
I got to play with two neckties as well- one that I picked up a week or two ago for a whopping .25!
seven pockets.
large size: 13.5 wide x 14" deep.
adjustable strap.
$25- to start
Bid until 9:30 tonight, cst.
(December 7, 2009)


Brian the Mennonite said... remembered.
Of course it's about me!

Chelsea said...

I will start it off...25

Roo said...

crunchy! i like it.

tanya said...

Blue and orange...nice! $30.

perrygirl :) said...

Beauty! Yes, you and the bag! Good work on the sidebar, too!

Janice said...

My quilt continues to surprise me - all those different fabrics. At first I thought it was a different quilt. Mom and Aunts always made quilts out of scraps left over from other things. I remember how surprised I was to find people buying large bolts of fabric and cutting them into small pieces for quilts. So, leftovers is the reason for the variety in the quilt.