Monday, January 18, 2010

Branching Out

I think we're all spending a great deal of time thinking about Haiti.
I've seen a lot of compassion and action to go along with it.
We simply cannot imagine.

This bag's body is made up of a soft pile in a silvery grey colour.

Makes it look sort of playfully classy, in my opinion.

You can imagine what joy I found in buttoning up this piece.

Silvery, opaque, and glittery white.
Not unlike the hoar frost that we've had the great pleasure of seeing this January in these parts.

For a more precise look at the layout of the interior pockets, I turned the bag inside out to photograph it. Note four medium pockets, plus onespecial pocket for a pen. ( I tend to lose mine)
There are two more pockets beneath the flap.

Hug the people you love today.
There are lots of people who can't.
Start bids at $25- Cdn, please. I'm more open to the idea of paypal these days, due to its convenience. (and I'm losing some of the fear of it-- I don't like learning new things, but this one doesn't feel so new any more)
I'll leave this auction open until tomorrow, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 9:30 pm, cst.


Jennifer P said...

$25 - glad to be the first bid, happy to know that I will be outbid.

Decaf Jen

Ms. Caddywumpus said...

Not fair, Jen, you already have a bag!

I bid $35.

Coldwater Mom said...

I bid $40 - Thanks for what you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Special, inspirational, truly beautiful, there simply are not enough describe your kindness. Today's bag 'Branching Out' is extra wonderful too!
Always A Fan

Ms. Caddywumpus said...

One day I will get a bag. One day.


Chelsea said...

This is amazing, just like you....I bid $62

joyce said...

but I need to fix Jen's first bag, so she needs to bid. Just sayin.

Caddy- we all know that you will. And we don't want you to quit trying.

As for the rest of you- I've had to move to a new house because you made my head swell. Stop it all of you, or I'll give you names and phone numbers of people who know me in the real world. They'll set you straight in a hurry...

(but thanks ;)

tanya said...

What a lovely bag! I'd better not bid today since some people are keeping count of bags...both at home and online. If you keep trying you'll get one Ms. Caddywumps, but then you may end up an addict like some of us who can't seem to just lurk.

oreneta said...

65$, I got a bag early early on, about two or three years ago...time to toss out another bid....

Roo said...

whoa. my heart skipped a beat.

Dancin' Momma said...

I was looking for a new bag and a friend mentioned your bags, they are beautiful! How big is this bag?

Such beautiful work, I hope there is some more peace bags coming, so sad I missed out on that one!

joyce said...

this auction remains open until 9:30 pm tonight, Jan 19.

Bag width: 10.5 inches.
height: 9.5 "

joyce said...

(peace bag: in the works!)

Jenni said...

oh beeeautiful, joyce! a lovely variation on the tree bags. if only my engine hadn't died, shortly after i crossed the border into manitoba, requiring a 'heart transplant', perhaps i'd be in more of a position to bid. in the meantime, i am looking forward to crossing paths with you sometime, and
for continually sharing your gifts and artistry.

joyce said...

oreneta- you've got yourself another bag!

oreneta said...


I didn't even look! I thought there was no hope!!!


OK, ummmm, how did we do this last time?